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Archive from 07-03-12 to 29-08-12

29 August 2012
Lene on TV: a new adventure!
In the last days the first meetings in order to prepare the famous Norwegian TV show "Each time we meet" took place. Several Norwegian singers, and Lene among them, will be the characters of the programme, during which each participant will sing a song of one of the other artists: we will be able to see Lene singing a Marion Ravn's song or listen to a "new" Unforgivable Sinner version! Newspapers reported on a funny and enthusiastic mood since the very beginning... let's wait for the Autumn for the recordings and next spring to watch all the shows on TV2!!

Thanks to this musical experience, new pictures and a short but important video-interview appeared. In it, Lene confesses that she have been thought a lot before say "yes" and adds: "It seemed strange to me to accept. Many felt surprised when I did it. The most bautiful thing is that you can change, find new needs, and not let fear to overcome something you really want to do". Lene's choice is unexpected also for the fans, but maybe just for this it could have a special importance in a career of an artist such Lene. We wish her all the best and loads of fun together with lots of music!

29 July 2012
"Still here" notes come back!
In September 2005, a bonus track titled "Still Here" was part of the promo activities of Lene Marlin's album "Lost In A Moment" in Asia. The track is a cover of "I'm willing", a song of the famous Chinese singer Faye Wong. Today, we got to know that the song has been covered also by the Japanese artist Exile Atsushi and included in her last album "Solo", out January this year. You can watch the videoclip at this link !

This news let us remember another cover: during an intimate concert at London's Sound Republic in 1999, Lene sang "Luka", the famous hit of the US singer Suzanne Vega. We would point out an acustic live version of the original song, which shows the musical affinity between Lene Marlin and Suzanne Vega. Going back to "Playing My Game" era, it is possible to rememeber Sandy Lin's funny cover of "Sitting Down Here". All these covers show how Lene music has been and is still popular in Asia, starting from the beginning of her career, until the more recent Still Here".

05 July 2012
Lene since 1999 to present: new photos!
Thanks to the constant effort of Knox, we are today able to provide you a lot of Lene pictures which have never been brought to the fans' attention so far!!

The source is the Norwegian site scanpix.no, a hub for a number of pictures taken by professional photographers coming from all over the world. This platform allows us also to recall the moments when these pictures were taken, in a sort of journey along Lene's career since "Playing my game". Here's the link to the pictures!

Two more unreleased photos, dated back to MTV Music Awards in Trieste (2009), have been found in the archives of the site fotografici.net.

We would like to remind to everyone the importance of our official forum, beside the Facebook page; in fact, without it we would not be able to get these precious alerts. Even though the social networks are gaining more and more users, we wish the forum would always be seen as an important meeting point for the fans!

Along the years, we at lene.it collected a lot of pictures and the best ones are surely taken by our Blasto, a photographer which with his passion framed our meetings with Lene. You can find below a photo taken on the occasion of the last visit by Lene in Italy, at the FNAC store in Milan in 2009.

25 April 2012
Looking for more Lene music
After the last songs, all the fans and the staff are looking for other tracks containing Lene's voice. "S'pose" and "What Have I Done" have been much appreciated and left more open room for other music with Lene Marlin's seal.

Thanks to the album "September Blue" by Frida Amundsen, released in Norway a few days ago, we can go on riding the vawe: "Yesterday's Gone", the song co-written by Lene and included in the CD as last track, is a down-tempo sung by Frida with just a piano and strings accompaining her voice. It recalls the sound of the recent "S'pose", as well as the melody of "It's true" and some tracks of "Twist The Truth". A very good single which makes Frida's album even more precious. Happy listening!
Below, a wonderful picture of Lene playing the piano captured from Another Day DVD (2003), as a greeting to all fans.

20 April 2012
"What have I done" and "S'pose": new music from Lene!!
Two days, two songs: simply amazing! The first one is "What have I done", which has been highligted by Pegasus on Lene.it Facebook page, but it was the Norwegian fan Oda Holte who found out the new Lene pearl. Different sounds, no giutars, but only synths: with these words Lene herself hinted about new songs in her messages, though without tell us where to find them.
This demo was written with the US artist Gary Louris (we already told you about him last summer when Lene went to the US), sided by the duo of Norwegian productors Jim & Jack, who worked with Lene also in "Another Day". Jim & Jack included the song in their musical channels already in August 2011, but only now we are able to listen to this song. By a quick search, it is possible to find out that Lene worked on other songs, such as "Don't let me go", which appearently was produced for the young Belgian artist Kevin Kayirangwa, and other unknown unreleased songs (probably just written but not produced yet): "Something about you" e "Happens every time".
Today here's to you "S'pose"! It is a song during the meeting of various artists organized by EMI in 2009 at Dvergs°ya, a Norwegian island just off Kristiansand. Authors and producers Richard Scott and Scott Ralph worked with Lene for this song and composed other songs for Robbie Williams. In the past, only TV station TV2 was able to listen to "S'pose", as reported in a news by the Norwegian TV, but today all the fans could have this opportunity. The lyrics were already unveiled by lene-marlin.info, but with a different title, "Never There". The website of the producers also highlighted "Happens every time", which we already reported as another potential never-before-released songs co-written by Lene and sung by James Craise.
Many thanks to glykeriae for this news, as we are able to listen to new Lene music... It is up to you, fans, to tell us what you are feeling in these days!

S'pose (Daftdog/Lene Marlin)

There is a place we were
But I was alone
Seems like we are lost
I thought I was home
All this sense makes no sense
Not anymore
Seems like it all keeps changing
Not like before

I always thought we had that something
Now I've realized it was never there
No, no never there

Suppose it's all right
Suppose I'll be okay
Suppose nothing really hurts
I suppose it anyway
Suppose it's all right
Suppose I'll be okay
There's a reason I suppose
Well, I suppose it anyway
I suppose it anyway

I cannot look at me
forget your face
need to leave it all
get away from this place
I really thought we had that something
Now I've realized it was never there
No, no never there

Suppose it's all right
Suppose I'll be okay
Suppose nothing really hurts
I suppose it anyway
Suppose it's all right
Suppose I'll be okay
There's a reason I suppose
Well, I suppose it anyway
I suppose it anyway

There comes a time I may understand
I'll see it clear, I'll see who I am
And it turns out that I'm
better off without you
Better off without you

Suppose it's all right
Suppose I'll be okay
Suppose nothing really hurts
I suppose it anyway
Suppose it's all right
Suppose I'll be okay
There's a reason I suppose
Well, I suppose it anyway
I suppose it anyway

10 April 2012
Memories from Trieste
Dear fans, a late Easter-gift for you all! At this link you can find some never-before-published Lene pictures taken during her performance at 2009 MTV Music Awards in Trieste. Some fans attended the event, as witnessed by this video: a big Norwegian flag and blue balloons in the sky, which can surely be remembered by Lene, as she recorded everything with her camera.
Lene, we are waiting for you to come back to Italy soon!

29 March 2012
"Yesterday's gone": Lene works with Frida Amundsen
The album "September Blue" of the young artist Frida Amundsen is due out in several European Countries. The single "Closer" has already hit radio charts in Norway and Denmark, while "Rush", the last track extracted, announces the album release in a short time. The news of a collaboration with Lene in Frida's album has already been reported on the web, but thanks to a fan of ours who wrote on our Facebook page, we can reveal something more. In fact, Frida herself confirmed that Lene Marlin has co-written the last track of the album, "Yesterday's gone". We look forward the next April 20th to be able to listen to the whole album and, in particular, to the track number 11!

07 March 2012
The spring after London
Lene Marlin writes to her fans and, once again, she does it on her Facebook page. In the post, she tells she spent some days in London, working with several international artists. She is happy for the moments she spent in UK and the ones she will spend with her friends during next spring. Some of her words recalled the lyrics of the song "Faces" of the album "Another Day". So, we thought to answer through this tribute (here below for who has not visited our Facebook page yet)

Enjoy your spring, Lene!


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