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Archive from 02-09-12 to 06-01-13

06 January 2013
Is it true? (2)
The title of the song sung by Lene a few hour ago (see last news) couldn't have been better for a piece of news we can hardly believe.
The same day we could see Lene singing live again, website lene-marlin.info has been closed down. Tef Johs himself, the owner and only chief editor of the website since 2008, told us about this and posted a message in his blog (which is still active) explaining the reasons are due to technical/hackers issues. Therefore the website will still be active, but only the blog will be there.
We are deeply sorry to hear this out of the blue, and to know the external causes is even more disappointing. Lene-marlin.info has always been a lighthouse for the international Lene Marlin community and for us, who many times have been checking it for news and material.

It's not fair to lose in such a way the amazing result of the work of one of the most active and passionate fans of Lene. We really hope things may change somehow, that the work carried out will not be lost and will go on in the future.
Our biggest thank you to Tef.

06 January 2013
Is it true? (1)
The first episode of the second season of Hver gang vi møtes has just finished, and on the TV2 website the first clips have been posted, including the songs.
The protagonist of the day was Anita Skorgan and her six songs picked by her colleagues. The norwegian singer and songwriter has represented Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest a total of five times, and four out of the six songs chosen were presented at ESC. This was not the case of Lene Marlin, who chose the intimate and intense "Is it true?", from the 2008 Christmas album Julenatt (entitled Adventus in the international edition). Both in the melody and partly in the lyrics the song seems close to Lene's sound, and we can tell the reasons for such a choice.
Ole Paus - that goes without saying - gave again an intense interpretation of "For vår jord" (For our earth, of which Anita Skorgan wrote the lyrics) which again seemed to have touched our star.

Here's finally an article by Dagbladet.no about the last promotional meeting with the media, on January 4th. The article is not about Lene, but you can see her in the video (just click on the top picture with Lene and Kurt Nilsen).

05 January 2013
"Hver gang vi møtes": let's start!
After months of waiting, tasty previews on the newspapers, videos and pictures found out on the net... TV show "Hver gang vi møtes", which will see Lene and other Norwegian artists sharing music and expericences, is finally here!

Tonight, January 5th at 8 pm CET on the Norwegian channel TV2, the first episode of the eight already scheduled will be broadcasted on TV.

The episodes of the reality show were recorded last August in a farm not far from Oslo. In each episode of "Every time we meet", English translation of the title of the show, one singer will play the part of the main character, to whom the others dedicate a tribute.

Some days ago we received some previews of Lene's tears on "Disguise" notes, played by Ole Paus, and today we come to learn that the two will be collaborating in the upcoming Ole's new album. This new experience has recalled a lot of memories, but also new perspectives, and is giving us a lot of enthusiasm, shared also by Lene. We are ready to taste every single episode, even from far away, relying on the Internet and hoping for a gift from the great Norwegian fans! Please, follow us on the forum and on our Facebook page.

We would also like to point out the video of last month's interview to Lene and Ole at the TV show "Senkveld"!

22 December 2012
Stella (italian for "star") is a recurrent word in Lene Marlin's career. Northern star was her nickname almost from the beginning. Our star, like we called her many times. One star, one real star named after Lene was our gift for her during our meet and greet in Geneve. And Stella is the name of the magazine that features a long interview to Lene Marlin, who is also on the cover, on the January 2013 issue.
Once again, following the questions of journalist Randi Fuglehaug, Lene goes through the milestones of her career, this time though focusing more specificly than ever on the difficult period after her breakthrough and on how she got over it with the help of a psychologist: different and aware, mature and - more important - free, capable of saying no. To the point that she has refused almost all the offers from the show business in the last 10 years. And this is what we know well, what we appreciate about her, that confirms - but is actually a confirmation needed? - her way of facing things, day by day, working not for others' expectations, but for herself. The article moves then to sentimental and economic aspects of Lene's private life: from the relationship with her boyfriend Kåre Conradi - based on reciprocal independence - to the much less important one with the financial wealth she has gained so far. But music is the main topic of the interview. Lene is a songwriter and that's what she likes: writing songs, even exploring tunes further from her world, being able not to expose herself singing them. After all, her one dream came true in 1998, at NRK in Tromsø, and although she won't reject the idea of writing a new album for herself again, there are no plans. Everything has the right moment and every decision must come from the stomach and from the heart. Just like the decision to accept the invitation to the television show "Hver gang vi møtes" after she had said no twice (one in the first season and one in the second). This sudden "yes" indeed left us and her closest friend amazed. She was afraid she would regret doing it, but then - Lene says - it turned out to be an amazing experience.
At 32 Lene Marlin would not change anything of her past: she would do it all over again, all that made her become who she is today, just a bit differently.
The article features pictures taken by photographer Isabel Watson (watch them at lene-marlin.info), showing an always surprising Lene, a true fashion model.

As a fanclub, we are happy - and proud - that our work has been a guiding thread in the interview from the very first lines. We appreciate a lot that our efforts to keep this website and fanclub active and running have been appreciated, even through the many difficulties that we, both as individuals and as staffers, have been experiencing more and more. It's not easy to be (and to run) Lene Marlin's fanclub, but even though we may go through tough moments, it's the best job in the world. Passion guides us: the same passion we all can show and convey to Lene every time. We don't care of her albums more than we care of her comfort, and never felt she owed us anything. We have been here since 2000 to give rather than to ask, beacuse Lene had already given us something, with her music. We are her fans for what she has done, more than for what she's going to do (which indeed we find exciting and intriguing though). We love her and support her in order to give back all the good we've received. That's what a fanclub is about. We know her, and have always respected her for what she is, that is, first of all a person. Yes, we always had, as supporters, an intimate desire of being with her, like a group of friends: but with the same discretion that she herself had - and that we are confident she appreciated of us too. We believe this makes us good fans indeed.

Let us take advantage of this occasion to wish happy holidays (holidays that by the way have a star among the main characters) to all of our members, to our star Lene, to the staff of magazine Stella, which brought to us probably the most beautiful and open-hearted interview with Lene ever, and particularly to the talented (and shining) Randi Fuglehaug, whom we thank again for caring of our work (almost putting herself in our shoes), for dedicating to us so many unexpected lines and for making us feel that our efforts are appreciated.

06 December 2012
Touching memories
It would appear to be re-opened wounds the reason behind the tears we spoke about in these days. This has been stated by Lene and Ole Paus at the Tv show Senkveld. In the article following their interview and published by seguito la pubblicazione del video del loro intervento e da quello pubblicato da lene-marlin.info, we got to know something more. Ole Paus translated and sang Disguise. The translation into Lene's mother tongue caused the fall of a filter between her and the song's words, which made her loose control. Lene could not avoid the tears and was forced to stop listening to the lyrics, which were so intimate and heavy, in order to not go too further.
We were used to a Lene who does not like to explain the meaning of her songs (more than once she declared that lyrics written in first person do not necessarily refer to a personal experience), but this time we had a confirmation about autobiographic lyrics. What surprised us the most, though, is the fact that the song, which is included in Lene's second album, would be written when she was 17-18 years old. This is what Ole Paus stated who, when he started to approach the song, realized its meaning and the emotive impact it could have had. It was easy to think the song was more recent. The theme seemed related to a newly found happiness after that black period, with all its bad rumours and lies, which followed the launch of the first album and caused Lene's withdrawal from the spotlight. In those years, Disguised appeared as a way to tell us she did not feel well, but that period was over and everything was to be decided. A sort of reassurance which repaid us for all our patient waiting for her comeback.
From the interview emerged some other aspects of Lene's life. After confirming she feels like an outsider (a thing confirmed by her naif way to live in the music world), she told that, when she was a schoolchild, during the lunch break she ran home in the laundry to sing her songs. It was for her a sort of escape which helps us to understand with an added detail why Lene writes music but keeps a distance from the success.
Coming back to the present, we are more than happy to see Lene in good shape and smiling, like she was during the Tv show (some captures below)!

01 December 2012
Memories, memories...
It is not an usual Facebook message the last one written by Lene, as it does not speak about the weather or work. Scandinavian Airlines was about to declare bankruptcy and to disappear. Everyday we are surrounded by brands of Companies. Sometimes we do not realize it, but they become more than mere things and services to us. They become part of our lives. They represent something significant in a concrete way, This way, sometimes we feel close to them and they become deeeply linked to our memories. That is exactly what happened to Lene and the Scandinavian airline Company which travelled with her around Europe, In her post, she wants to share her sorrow and her hope that SAS will in the end avoid bankruptcy. This made come back some other memories she wanted to share with us.

It's weird what can stir up memories...

Scandinavian Airlines, a company that's always been there, who made me feel like I was home even though I was miles away... I remember being on one of my many trips around Europe, hadn't been home for weeks, but when I finally boarded an SAS plane I relaxed. Maybe it was the familiarity, the sweet people working there or the idea that this was the only flight left and then I'd be home.

Anyway, it made me happy! So, I never thought I'd feel so strongly about this; I hope that SAS will still be here tomorrow...

Do you have something that you've grown used to and you would feel sad to see it disappear? Like a building you used to pass on your way to school, or maybe even the school building itself :-) Or a certain type of ice cream that can no longer be found? I remember an ice cream that was shaped like a pyramid; three different flavors and you could only get them in a box of ten...ahh, memories...

01 December 2012
A Lene you do not expect!
"The" Lene we are used to is a sensible, but also very reserved person. The one you do not expect, then, is the one who is among the participants (with other colleagues of hers) of a reality show. Mix everything together and you will get a moved Lene, who cries in front of the cameras of the TV show.
The news is reported by the newspaper seher.no, which together with the website vgtv.no and tv2.no published the preview of a promo video of the Tv show Hver gang vi møtes on which we reported a few months ago. In the clip, we notice a friendly and relaxed mood among the participants, who talk and joke. But there seemed to be also some touching moments, and Lene's one is among them, when she was moved by Ole Paus singing one song of hers.
The link to the promo video is also contained in a post of Lene's Facebook page, in which she tells us about her participation to the yesterday's show Senkveld med Thomas og Harald on TV2 (the same channel which will be broadcasting the reality) in order to speak about the new season of Hver gang vi møtes, on air next year.
We are becoming more and more courious!

Lene together with Ole Paus (picture taken from the Facebook page of Senkveld med Thomas og Harald)

02 September 2012
A full of energy message from Lene!
Lene thanks the fans for their birthday wishes and writes a long message on her Facebook page to let us know about the beginning of her experience in the TV programme "Each time we meet"! We have copied and pasted the message here below.

Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes!!! You're so sweet!!! 32! Wow, another year's gone by...
I didn't really celebrate as I had to leave for the making of a TV - show, Hver gang vi møtes. Just came home yesterday. It was such an amazing experience! Getting to know other artists, play their songs and hear their versions of my songs! We woke up around 6.30 - 7.00 in the morning, and then we usually finished around midnight. It was impossible to go straight to bed after that, so we spent at least one hour just talking and relaxing with no cameras present. So even after talking the whole day we needed to talk some more :-)
5 of us shared a house where we had breakfast and where we met before dinner. From my bedroom window I could see a pond, another house and the barn where we performed and ate lunch and dinner. It was so beautiful and peaceful!
We each had "our own day". Ex. when it was my day, the other 6 performed my songs. 3 of them performed at lunch, the other 3 at dinner. I was woken up early and the cameras followed me more than they usually did, more interviews etc. I'd come up with an activity before lunch, then I had to wear headphones and listen to music so I couldn't hear people having their soundchecks. The whole point was not to know which songs they were gonna sing. Then lunch and performances. After that we had another activity, then more soundchecks and a late dinner. In between there were lots of interviews and rehearsals.
I had such a great time! It was intense and there were times we wished we could sleep a couple hours longer, but we got so much energy from each other and the good people that were around us! I have to say the crew and everyone involved did such a great job! And everywhere I looked there were smiles!
The place was so secluded, I had no use of my phone or computer. And I loved it :-) Just to be able to walk between the houses, see horses and sheep, sit next to the pond and simply hear the silence! Lots of thanks to the kind people that let us stay at their farm where we made lifelong memories! :-)

We are very happy to read such words, full of enthusiasm and happiness! It seems this TV experience is already bringing a vawe of new and fresh energy to our Lene. Her message let us know about another detail of the programme: Lene will sing a song of each one of the other artist and all the other singers will sing one of her songs. We are looking forward to watching the show, which is expected to be very funny and interesting!


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