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Archive from 13-01-13 to 24-02-13

24 February 2013
I pass by, don't dare to stop!
Everything, even the most beautiful things, has a beginning and an end. The best things can move you so much that even the happy ending cannot but leave you with a bittersweet feeling, since it is happy, but in fact it's ending.

So, after eight weeks season two of Hver gang vi møtes has come to an end, with a more than happy ending. It was the duets' episode, a collection of memorable moments, from the musical embrace between Kurt and Anita in Friendly, to the Morten-style delirium with him and Ole in Tulipz. Then, whereas you would expect it from the first, it's the latter that delivers an almost historical dance. Among all this, a super elegant Lene performed with Kurt Engler i sneen, watched again by the author Ole who appeared both charmed and moved, supported by Marion's sweet glances, who turned afterwards into a tiger on the stage together with Magnus. We got everything in one night, as a summary of the whole season. Most of all, there was one dream come true: Lene live in a Playing My Game song (Where I'm headed in duet with Marion). Let's be honest, the earliest fans have been dreaming of this since ever, ideally as part of a concert that for obvious reasons never took place back then, and probably never will. It was like seeing again that little girl who, in spite of the cold artic region she came from, immediately warmed our hearts, as if a cycle was completed and everything could now start again. Words can hardly define the feeling inside - and in the end, feelings do not need to be explained. This time charts, sales and dice rolls just don't matter.

We couldn't ask more from this night and from the previous ones too. We will miss all of this. We will miss Morten and his true genius-and-recklessness attitude, Anita and her motherly sweetness, Ole and his class, Marion who almost freezed time for a moment with her version of Unforgivable Sinner, Kurt and his troubles with spaghetti, and Magnus. But most of all and everyone, we will of course miss Lene, listening to her and seeing her every week. Hver gang vi møtes was a special and unique event. Quoting Lene, we don't know where she's headed, but we hope she'll keep going and won't dare to stop. Whatever her future will be like, our heart will be with her. We'll be ready to follow her and support her to keep living the dream.

Thank you Lene.

17 February 2013
I travel alone
In Italy the third Sanremo festival hosted by Fabio Fazio is over (by the way, congratulations to Marco Mengoni and Roberto Casalino, who co-wrote the winner song and is keeping up the successful work), whereas the last episode of Hver gang vi møtes, dedicated to duets, is just one week ahead.
The Sanremo reference is not accidental. It was the year 2000 when Fazio hosted his second Festival, and that year Lene Marlin was one of the international guests, promoting the third single from Playing My Game, Where I'm Headed. That was Lene's last international appearance for a long time. On February 21st she was performing on the stage of the Ariston theatre in Sanremo. Four days later she was on the stage of the Oslo Spektrum giving the speech after being awarded with four Spellemannprisen. That was the begin for us (for Lene in a kind of way it had already begun) of the dark period when Lene stayed away from the spotlight. Years after, when she opened up her heart talking about her difficulties and her fragility during Hver Gang Vi Møtes, we learned from her very voice how much those restless travels (among other things) pushed her against that wall. The travel back from Sanremo was probably the last international flight, the last stress, before the turnoff.
Jeg reiser alene (I travel alone) is the title of the song by singer, songwriter, actor and writer Ole Paus chosen by Lene to honour her colleauge in the seventh episode of Hver gan vi møtes. With a little help from translation tools, we can tell it deals with a lonely childhood and planes. Lene was still a teenager when she began her life on planes, first to record her songs, then to promote her album. She experienced directly that sensation of dizziness and loneliness she has described in recent interviews. Such a particular topic had to be expressed with a proper arrangement, intimate but darker compared to the sweetness of the original version. The intense atmosphere blended with Lene's light voice (which makes her interpretations so special) did not leave Ole Paus impassive, it almost freezed all the others and made VG give Lene a dice roll of 6, the best performance of the episode. We are once more proud of Lene's work, that gave us lots and lots of emotions in these cold winter nights.

As mentioned, the second season of Hver gang vi møtes is about to end; in many digital music stores you can buy the single episodes' compilations and the global compilation for season 2, currently on top of the VG lista after entering last week at #8. It contains 25 songs, including some duets. From Lene we find Rise to the occasion (by Kurt Nilsen), Don't forget me (by Morten Abel), Jeg reiser alene (by Ole Paus) and Engler I sneen (by Jonas Fjeld) in duet with Kurt Nilsen. However, the compilation from the eigth episode is interesting as well. It contains in fact the abovementioned duet with Kurt, and a duet with Marion Ravn on Where I'm Headed (you can listen to samples here and here). Let's stay tuned for an awesome last episode!

Finally, we welcome back Pegasus_TDCi in the Lene.it staff!

10 February 2013
"Found someone" in norwegian
There's never been such a silence filled with admiration at the table of Hver gang vi møtes during a performance. This time Lene performed a norwegian version of "Found Someone" by Marion Ravn. The difference with the original version is not only the lyrics, translated into norwegian, but also the choice of the guitar instead of the piano. We know well what kind of magic takes place when Lene's voice is accompained by the sound of her guitar (just think of "Do You Remember" or "When You Were Around"). Marion's tears and the attention from all the group indeed stressed once more what a great artist Lene Marlin is. Enjoy!

Yesterday's afternoon, before this week's episode was broadcast, there was a promotional meeting for the album "Hver Gang Vi Møtes - Sesong 2" in a record store in Oslo, with artists from the TV show. Tef Johs was present at the signing session, and he brought our greetings to Lene. You may want to read his report on his website lene-marlin.info. We want to thank Tef for the collaboration and the constant efforts, his website is always a lighthouse for us and all the fans of Lene.
And here's the message Tef brought to Lene on the behalf af the whole fanclub, hoping to have condensed in these few lines the feelings of all the fans.

"Hi Lene, sadly this time we are not there but our support is as huge as it can be, even from a distance. We have been following you during Hver Gang Vi Møtes and all your performances have been fantastic! You gifted us with lots of emotions, which we hope to give back to you through our love. A big, big hug from Italy. Hope to see you again soon. Your fanclub"

03 February 2013
Kanskje du behøver noen
Sadly, we are not far from the end of Hver gang vi møtes. Yesterday it was Magnus Grønneberg's turn to be honored by his colleagues. We can say that, linguistically, it was the hardest Saturday so far.
Many albums with CC Cowboys and two as a solo artist, though the songs - all in norwegian - were picked among the first ones. Our Lene in particular, after the somehow How would it be-like atmospheres of Rise to The Occasion, got back to tunes she feels most comfortable with, performing a more intimate and melodical version of Kanskje du behøver noen (from the 2009 album Morgen & Kveld) than the original.
This shift though seemed not to have impressed VG's reviewers, who this time gave the highest dice roll to Ole Paus, together with Morten Abel and Marion Ravn (almost heavenly while performing Når du sover). Marion is very active on her personal blog, posting news, pictures and comments on the show frequently. Recently she also wrote that she has worked with Lene for her [Marion's] upcoming album. Listening to the result is going to be interesting for sure, hopefully soon. Meanwhile, Marion will be the protagonist of next saturday's episode.

The success of Hver gang vi møtes goes on: the songs (including Lene's one) are at the top of the iTunes charts (please note that they can be bought also in other digital stores like Google Play or Amazon). But also, the success of the participants goes on. Surprisingly we find Here We Are - Historier så langt at #15 in the VG-lista (the 40 best-selling albums in Norway). Lene's new release is the album that has climbed more rapidly this week, up 21 positions compared to last week. On the other hand, Twist The Truth has now left the chart after reaching #35 (thanks gio for the info).

27 January 2013
Simply overwhelming!
The fourth episode of "Hver gang vi møtes" featured another wonderful Lene's performance, singing Kurt Nilsen's "Rise to the occasion". You can listen to the song at this link and be surprised by Lene's determination and by her dare to give a more upbeat tempo compared to the original version. Lene's unique voice makes each song a bit special, but this time the melody is even very energetic!
You can find below the song's lyrics, and we leave you wondering about the importance this song could have had for Lene, if she chose to sing it. For sure, once again, her bright eyes towards the end tell us how this artist is able to feel the music deep down her heart!

Rise to the occasion

You've been down the dark detours
You have seen most of it all
Crashed into the million faces
But never listened to them talk
You've got so much on your mind right now
It doesn't even help to try to solve them all

You used to smile with hope
and a pat on the back
Would last throughout the day
As the rain kept falling down on you

You wouldn't let them wash the feeling away
Hope itself dried out in you as you heard your man walking away
Without a word

You thought
Who's gonna make my decisions, I can't make them on my own
Who's gonna rise to the occasion when there is no one around
Who the hell is gonna believe me, when I dont believe in myself
Who's gonna be there forever, well it aint gonna be him

In case you didn't know I really care for you
I just wish you all the best
If love should come and knock on your door
I hope it treats you with respect
I can not count the times I've seen you
Oh just slipping away with a broken heart

You thought
Who's gonna make my decisions, I can't make them on my own
Who's gonna rise to the occasion when there is no one around
Who the hell is gonna believe me, I dont believe in myself
Who's gonna be there forever, well it aint gonna be him

20 January 2013
Lene Marlin's day
Emotion, tears, happiness, surprise, admiration, pride, satisfaction. All of this was in Lene's eyes during the third episode of Hver Gang Vi Møtes, when she was honoured by her colleagues.
Her eyes; but they looked like our eyes, as if she could really "listen" to her songs for the first time, even with the awareness of the one who wrote them (and probably experienced them personally). We didn't write them but we feel them, and we have lived them. In them we can see our stories, our feelings, we can catch emotions that hit us right deep inside through her voice. And this is what exactly seems to have happened to Lene in this adventure. Part of those emotions that she has been conveying so far have been returned, renewed in the versions of her colleagues and touched her deep, like one of us. Seeing Lene listening to "Lene Marlin" and listening to her together with herself was beautiful and moving, more then what probably we could expect from the previous episodes. Almost hard to explain.

Six songs picked in pairs from three of her four albums: Playing My Game, Another Day, and Twist The Truth. The videos with the preformances have been uploaded, as usual, on TV2's website, right from the morning with a premiere of the episode, Sitting down here translated into norwegian and well performed by Magnus Grønneberg. The tv show opened with the wonderful version of Unforgivable sinner by Marion Ravn. Intimate until the bridge, which opened the way to an intense crescendo, both in the sound and in the interpretation. Following, Kurt Nilsen with a probably more personal than successful version of You weren't there. Then it was Anita Skorgan's turn with a Here we are not distant from the original one, confirming what seemed to be clear from the first episode (and was stated afterwards by Anita herself), that is, her world and Lene's one do have similarities. An elegant performace that paid a nice homage to the song and to Lene's style. On the other hand, Morten Abel's version of Do You Remember was definitely different from the original. The artistically "craziest" colleague of Lene couldn't have twisted the song more, and he couldn't have twisted it better: his version let us enjoy in a new and personal perspective one of Lene's most beautiful songs. And finally, tears time with Disguise by Ole Paus. Sure there couldn't have been a better tune, style, and look than his ones to perform this song. If Lene's tears meant a lot, her final laugh releasing the tension after the performance was even more delightful. Closing the espisode, Sitting Down Here as we told before.

Many of us would have liked to have seen and got more of this episode, in a day which turned out to be quite a happening in Norway. Lots of articles, interviews, videos published these days. In particular, we recommend the interview from the paper version of VG, fully translated into english by the back-from-the-dead lene-marlin.info (Yay!).

Just like the last weekends, the songs performed by the participants are topping the charts on iTunes, but even Lene's own albums are climbing the charts again! Truly outstanding, Lene Marlin's day!

19 January 2013
Happy days
A few hours before "Lene Marlin's day" on Hver Gang Vi Møtes, Lene shares with us new thoughts. She writes on Facebook:

Tomorrow's "Hver Gang Vi Møtes" is about me. It's not always that easy to look back on a life. I've got so many FANTASTIC memories, but also some tough ones. And I guess it's like that for most of us! But time helps, or I guess it's what you do during that time that helps. And then at some point, certain things that used to be scary aren't that scary anymore. But it doesn't happen overnight, not for me anyway. But when it does? Yay, happy days and finally :-)

13 January 2013
Don't forget me
Don't Forget Me is the song Lene chose for the second episode of Hver gang vi møtes. A country-like ballad, which fits well Lene's style, from the 2001 album I'll come back and love you forever by Morten Abel. The protagonist of the episode was in fact the singer from Bodø, who has been a main character in music for thirty years, first with Mods, then with September When, and as a solo artist.
As usual, right after the show TV2 has uploaded all the videos with the performances of the artists, whereas the songs can be bought on iTunes.
Another usual touching moment (with Lene taking a deep breath) was when Ole Paus (the best in this episode again, according to VG) sang a norwegian translation of Morten Abel's Lydia. Don't forget that next saturday is "Lene Marlins dag": it will be Lene's turn to be honored by her colleagues in the third episode of the show (among which again, Ole Paus with his norwegian version of Disguise).
Six days to go!


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