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Archive from 24-02-13 to 04-07-13

04 July 2013
Suddenly, "Visualize"!
In these hot summer days here we find another unexpected surprise from Lene: thanks to our peppe89, here's to you Visualize, a new song by Lene mixed at Cobnash Studios in England. A catchy song, maybe a little more uptempo than the usual Lene tune, but with english lyrics where the touch of Lene is unmistakable. From a tweet by @CobnashStudio we learn that the song was written by Lene for someone else, though at this moment we don't know who the lucky artist is!

14 June 2013
Album ahead!
Lene Marlin is working in studio on a new album, this time in norwegian! We're indeed surprised, though news have been in the air for a while. First "Hver gang vi møtes", then the new version of Unforgivable Sinner, and then the collaboration with Ole Paus.

And thanks to Ole himself we now know of a new album ahead: in a radio interview Ole Paus reveals that Lene took a break from her project in studio to work with him on the song "Omfavnelsen" (which you can listen on the website of NRK radio, where Paus was interviewed).

Lene-marlin.info was the first to report the news, and still we've got few details. Rumours say Espen Lind could be working in studio with Lene. If we know Lene a bit, it might not be that strange to suddenly wake up one day with Lene's new album on our music player. Our star may seem hidden for a while, but when time is right she leaves us breathless!

02 June 2013
Here's Lene!
We have been waiting for a new version of Unforgivable Sinner, and now we have it! Check it out on Sound Cloud. Those who participated in the online poll, received a message by Lene:

"The song is finally finished, and I had such a great time in the studio! I've done several different versions of Unforgivable Sinner, but this is the first time I've recorded one of them. I've thought about it for so long and finally I can give it to you. A different version; less instruments, less of everything. Almost like I'm right there in the same room as you, that's how close I want it to feel. Just to play a more acoustic version focusing on the lyrics. As I often do anyway, so why not share that with you? Well, here it is! Thank you so much for voting!"

We can tell it was exciting to receive an email from Lene Marlin, and it was even more delightful to find a song from Lene's 1999 first album in it. Less instruments, more Lene's voice: this time she's the main character in the whole song: even the rythm follows her voice. Many fans were satisfied with the result, as you can tell from the comments on the internet. Regarding this, check out also this article about Lene's colleague Espen Lind taking part in the recording session.

After Unforgivable Sinner, we can't wait to listen to Lene also in singer and songwriter Ole Paus' new album, out tomorrow, June 3rd. This last work, entitled "Oppgjøret" ("The end") is a three-cd set and will be the last in Paus' long and successful discography. In this occasion, Ole called several colleagues (among which Lene) and recorded this album with them. Lene has always showed sincere admiration towards Ole in the TV show "Hver Gang Vi Møtes", to the point of getting emotional during his performances. Can't wait for this!

Many thanks to fans Caterina and Knox for the updates!

04 April 2013
LENE VS. LENE = Unforgivable Sinner
The LENE VS. LENE experiment has ended: it was intended to pick up the song Lene's fans would have liked the most to be re-recorded in a new version. And the winner is... Unforgivable Sinner, Lene's very first and immediate hit, which won with 30% over Sitting Down Here. Following, Here We Are, You Weren't There and Where I'm Headed. Definitely no surprises then, considering that all the top five songs were singles and all of them have been already sung in a new version in the last season of Hver Gang Vi Møtes by other artists. Thus, if on one hand one could kind of regret such a choice, on the other hand we'll be able to compare Lene's re-recording with the recent new version by Marion Ravn.
Here's Lene's announcement from her Facebook page:
"Unforgivable Sinner it is! I'm not that surprised :) I've wanted to do this for a long time. But instead of just choosing a song on my own I wanted you to be involved as well. And it's been so much fun! Thank you so much for voting!!! More info about the song soon. Love Lene"

We can't wait to listen to it.

Go Lene! :)

23 March 2013
2013 is full of news! Official website lenemarlin.com/en gets restyled for a new nice idea, much appreciated by all the fans, named LENE VS. LENE.
Lene herself explained its content a couple of hours after preannouncing it on Facebook:
"I have something exciting to tell you very soon, check back in a few hours!" :-)
Next, she wrote both on her Facebook page and on her website:
"About two years ago I started thinking how much I wanted to re-record one of my songs. But which song should I choose? And more importantly, if my fans could choose; which song would YOU want? Not necessarily your favorite song, but the one you want to hear in a different version. So please vote below, and I will give you the song for free when it's finished!"
Voting is easy! Just visit Lene's official website, click on the cover of the album you want to pick a song from, then just drag the song and drop it in the box on the right. You can choose three songs. Then just insert your email address and click on Vote. Your email address must be valid, so that you'll have the opportunity to download for free the most voted song re-recorded by Lene; plus, you could win a framed, signed photo of Lene (50 cm x 50 cm). This is truly a beautiful way to say thank you to all the fans who have been following and supporting Lene with all the love they could during all these years, and in this special moment too.

Not so surprisingly, the most voted song in this moment is Unforgivabe sinner, followed by Sitting Down Here and Here we are.
And you? what song have YOU chosen? Tell us in our forum or on our Facebook page!

22 March 2013
"Prove me wrong" with Marion Ravn
After the recent piece of news about work being in progress we're all so happy about, here's something new, again!
Following the enthusiasm after "Hver Gang Vi Møtes", Lene has completed a new collaboration, this time with norwegian singer and songwriter Marion Ravn, who was among the participants in the TV show too. After an emotional duet on "Where I'm Headed" on TV, they worked together on a new song from Marion's second solo album, "Songs From a Blackbird", out on april 8th. We had already announced this, and now we know the title of the song and can let you listen to a sample. Here's a video showing Marion performing "Prove me wrong" during a small and intimate concert in Oslo two days ago. Lene's name is not present in the song title on the official tracklist, but thanks to some research on the internet we feel confident in anticipating this news. We want to thank again all the fans following us, on our forum and our Facebook page, thanks to whom we couldn't be more up-to-date!

05 March 2013
Lene in studio working on songs in norwegian!
According to local newspaper iTromso, Lene is currenty working in studio on new songs! She says she's very inspired in this period, and after Hver Gang Vi Møtes she started working on songs in norwegian, in particular written and sung in the Tromsø dialect.
No more details are available right now, since work is still in progress.
Stay tuned to keep updated with all the news for this new adventure!

24 February 2013
I pass by, don't dare to stop!
Everything, even the most beautiful things, has a beginning and an end. The best things can move you so much that even the happy ending cannot but leave you with a bittersweet feeling, since it is happy, but in fact it's ending.

So, after eight weeks season two of Hver gang vi møtes has come to an end, with a more than happy ending. It was the duets' episode, a collection of memorable moments, from the musical embrace between Kurt and Anita in Friendly, to the Morten-style delirium with him and Ole in Tulipz. Then, whereas you would expect it from the first, it's the latter that delivers an almost historical dance. Among all this, a super elegant Lene performed with Kurt Engler i sneen, watched again by the author Ole who appeared both charmed and moved, supported by Marion's sweet glances, who turned afterwards into a tiger on the stage together with Magnus. We got everything in one night, as a summary of the whole season. Most of all, there was one dream come true: Lene live in a Playing My Game song (Where I'm headed in duet with Marion). Let's be honest, the earliest fans have been dreaming of this since ever, ideally as part of a concert that for obvious reasons never took place back then, and probably never will. It was like seeing again that little girl who, in spite of the cold artic region she came from, immediately warmed our hearts, as if a cycle was completed and everything could now start again. Words can hardly define the feeling inside - and in the end, feelings do not need to be explained. This time charts, sales and dice rolls just don't matter.

We couldn't ask more from this night and from the previous ones too. We will miss all of this. We will miss Morten and his true genius-and-recklessness attitude, Anita and her motherly sweetness, Ole and his class, Marion who almost freezed time for a moment with her version of Unforgivable Sinner, Kurt and his troubles with spaghetti, and Magnus. But most of all and everyone, we will of course miss Lene, listening to her and seeing her every week. Hver gang vi møtes was a special and unique event. Quoting Lene, we don't know where she's headed, but we hope she'll keep going and won't dare to stop. Whatever her future will be like, our heart will be with her. We'll be ready to follow her and support her to keep living the dream.

Thank you Lene.


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