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Archive from 28-03-09 to 25-04-09

25 April 2009
Lene Marlin at Milan FNAC store on May 15th!!!
Following rumours we got from EMI Italy, we checked out and got confirmation from FNAC store in Milan about a meeting of Lene Marlin and her fans scheduled on Friday, May 15th. We don't know further details yet, but, as very likely Lene will be busy releasing interviews that morning, we can suppose the meeting will be held in the afternoon, like in 2003, the year of the first huge meeting between Lene and her Italian (and not only Italian) fans.
We wish that all fans, both Italian and international, will be ready to give Lene a very warm welcome!

FNAC store in Milan is located in the city center (via della Palla 2 angolo via Torino 45), just close to Duomo square (Milan main square) .

15 April 2009
"Twist the truth" and "Here we are" in Norwegian and Italian charts
After a #3 debut in the Norwegian album chart, in its second week Lene's fourth album "Twist the truth" slips down to #17, while the single "Here we are" steps down from #8 to #13 in its fourth week. Anyway, the radio chart results are still pretty good, as "Here we are" stands in the top3 of Hit40 chart.
But good news come from Italy, where we can find the album at #13 of the iTunes Italian chart, also thanks to the ad published in the homepage. The result is quite outstanding, as "Here we are" still hasn't got a proper intense radio airplay and the album will be out only in one month. This shows how important a good promotion strategy is, but most of all how much Lene is still loved by Italian public.

#13   04 - Vg-Lista Singles Chart
#03   08 - Hit40
#07   06 - Radio Ung
#11   02 - P4 topp30
#17   02 - Vg-Lista Albums Chart
#08   03 - Vg-Lista Singles Chart
#02   07 - Hit40
#25   05 - Radio Bodo3
#13   05 - Radio Ung
#09   04 - Radio 102
#12   03 - Radio 102
#03   01 - Vg-Lista Albums Chart
Symbols order: current position, state (new entry, up, down, standing), weeks spent in the chart, chart/playlist name
TWIST THE TRUTH - iTunes Charts
Norway: #30
Italy: #13

TWIST THE TRUTH - iTunes Charts
Norway: #14

13 April 2009
"Here WE are", a fans tribute video
On Sunday 22nd March about fifteen fans gathered to celebrate ten years from the Italian release of the first Lene album, "Playing my game". After a large meal and lots of cheers, we decided to get an idea which lasted for some time in our minds done. As in the last Lene video some fans pictures and part of videos appear... why not make a video entirely made by and with fans? A sort of remake of the video, but also a tribute to Lene and to "Here we are".
So, we started preparing everything, and fixed recordings for that day. The idea was to give to the single fan a couple of parts where Lene plays in the original video, with in between some recordings we have from previous meetings with Lene.
At the beginning everything started kinda funny and in a "light" mood, but, when recordings started, everyone tried to do his/her best and to be as "professional" as he/she could be. The recordings went by faster than expected and everyone played his/her role in an almost perfect way. In the following days, we chose the parts of our videos which fit the best and added some additional frames. We trusted on Andrea (speedfight) for the editing and frames synchronization and he got very quickly the final video ready, adding some funny backstage moments, and you can watch it via this link or hereunder.

We really had an incredibly good time during recordings and we would like to thank everyone who was involved and helped to make this idea become real. We know Lene liked very much the video and we hope it would be the same for all the fans! Enjoy!

03 April 2009
Lene at MTV TRL Awards in Trieste (Italy) 16th May
Lene Marlin will be among the artists performing at MTV TRL Awards in Trieste on 16th May. The list of the performers (mostly Italian) is the following:

- Arisa
- Marco Carta
- Niccolo' Centioni (I Cesaroni)
- Federico Costantini (I Liceali)
- Cesare Cremonini
- Dari e Max Pezzali
- Alesha Dixon
- Dolcenera
- Finley
- Gemelli DiVersi
- Giusy Ferreri
- J-Ax
- Lost
- Lene Marlin
- Nek
- MicÚl Olivieri (I Cesaroni)
- Sonohra

More details to follow.

31 March 2009
"Here we are" on Italian radios from April, 3rd and video from April, 14th. Album out on May, 15th!
As reported on EMI Italy website, the first single from Lene's fourth album, "Here we are" will be airplayed by Italian radios from Friday, April 3rd.
The album will be out in Italian stores on 15th May, while the video will be broadcasted from 14 th April.

30 March 2009
"Twist the truth" out today in Norway!
Today, almost ten years after the debut album "Playing my game" release, the fourth Lene Marlin album "Twist the truth" is out on sale in Norwegian stores.
You can find hereunder the complete tracklist and the album cover, whishing Lene all the best from her last work.

- Everything's Good
- Come Home
- Here We Are
- Story Of A Life
- You Could Have
- I'll Follow
- Learned From Mistakes
- Have I Ever Told You
- Do You Remember
- You Will Cry No More


30 March 2009
Lene Marlin's web release concert on VG web TV
VG web Tv broadcasted Lene web release concert (link), registered at Malabar studio in Oslo. The tracklist is composed by six songs:

- Everything's good
- Come home
- Do you remember
- Here we are
- You could have
- You will cry no more

We also point out that this morning Lene was guest at "God Morgen Norge" on TV2.

28 March 2009
Hectic Lene media days
The new Lene Marlin album "Twist the truth" will be out in few days and Nowegian promotion campaign is well under the way. On Tuesday March 24th, Lene was guest at the NRK's program "Landeplage", fully dedicated to Lene's most successful hit, "Unforgivable sinner". Lene was interviewed by Norwegian rapper Ravi, talking about how the song was born and on the three videos of the song. Beside Lene, also some other people (former Virgin manager Per Erik Johansen and "Unforgivable sinner"'s first video director Erik Poppe among them) gave their opinion on the song and why it became so much famous all over the world. In the end, Ravi tried to force Lene to reveal who this "unforgivable sinner" is, but, despite his efforts, he ended the program without knowing.
Yesterday, Lene was on TV2's "Senkveld" where she talked with the two anchormen on her current life between Oslo and London, on the song she wrote for Rihanna and on when she came up on a stage in New York to sing "My love". Then, she performed live "You will cry no more" (click here to watch - thanks to nemar).
Furthermore, today all the main Norwegian dailies reported on Lene's upcoming new album, due out on Monday, the most with a review (average mark 4/6), but on Bladet TromsÝ and Dagbladet Magazine Lene got a few pages with wonderful pictures dealing with her 10 years of musical career.
We also remind you that on Monday, March 30th a web release Lene concert, composed of six songs from "Twist the truth", will be broadcasted on VG online Tv and, starting at 12 am CET, Lene will answer to some of the questions fans sent her. As last info, as pointed out by Domle, on Monday afternoon (from 4pm CET), Lene will perform at TV2 program "Waschera".


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