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24 June 2006 - 11:37
'Avalon' special (part 4): interview with Lene Marlin
This is the last part of our 'Avalon' special, dedicated to the duet between Swiss band Lovebugs and Lene Marlin, from the album "In Every Waking Moment" out yesterday in Switzerland.
In the next days we'll keep you updated about the sales figures of the album, but we can already say that "Avalon" is by now the most downloaded Lovebugs song on iTunes.
You can buy the band's album right on their official website or download their songs on iTunes paying a few money.

And now, here's our interview with Lene Marlin, who we thank for her kindness and for the exciting duet she has made us a present of.

- We know you have always preferred to sing your own songs rather than other's ones, if we exclude Still Here, the cover of "Luka", which though we have never heard, and partially Venn, to which though you have collaborated. So, what convinced you to accept at once the duet with a band still not known in your country?

Lene: I heard the song, really liked it, and thought it would be interesting to do something different!

- Talking about covers: the 1999 London showcase at the Sound Republic and the version of "Luka" you sang in that occasion are indeed a matter of interest especially among your old-time fans. Could you tell us something more about that performance, was it you who decided to sing that song or did anyone suggest you?

Lene: That's a long time ago :-) I really like that song, and wanted to sing it. Not only that time, but other shows as well.

- Are you working on other collaborations? How's writing songs for other artists (like you did for Sissel) compared to make duets? Do you prefer one of the two?

Lene: Writing songs for others is something I really want to do in the future. Can't really say that I prefer one over the other. I had great fun doing the duet, so I might do more of that in the future.

- Right now, do you feel more like spending time on your music and on your alternative artistic projects, or does it appeal you more to work with other musicians?

Lene: Everything that involves being creative is interesting. If I feel inspired, and I'm able to have fun, everything is possible!

- Have you ever thought about putting a new version of someone else's song in one of your albums? Of which singers or musical period (eighties, nineties, contemporaries...) you would like to play or sing a song?

Lene: I haven't really thought about it, but you never know :-)

- Now back to "Avalon": would you go on stage singing live with Lovebugs in a concert, if they asked you to?

Lene: Maybe :-)

- You generally sing your own song, though Lovebugs told that you brought indeed a new colour to Avalon. Did you find it difficult to sing it, or do you think you managed to put in the song something more personal than just your voice?

Lene: I hope I managed that! The most important thing is that I really liked the song, and really wanted to sing it! In that way it wasn't difficult at all!


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