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23 June 2006 - 10:39
From today on there will be a new website beside the official ones of Lene: it is www.lenemarlin.eu! This site was created by the Lene.it staff during the last months, carried out with the precious help of our Daniele Coletti (aka Koletz) who made an exceptional work on the graphics of the site.

Lenemarlin.eu proposes itself as a reference point for all the european fans of Lene, and also for the ones less keen on her. The purpose is in fact to summarize the news to the most, giving the visitors a full, quick framework about all that's going on regarding Lene, keeping the browsing as simple as possible. To deepen then, there are references to all the websites to be visited. Plus, we'll point out all the most interesting features by the international websites (e.g. today we have a link to the interviews to Berni and Alistair, on the French and Belgian websites).

And last but not least, the Fan Main Square, a space entirely dedicated to the european fans, who can add their profile with a picture of themselves! There are already 8 profiles online, the order of appearance is random. Join the community in the Square by sending an email to the address you'll find on the site!

.EU are the new web domains from the European Union. We wanted to take and buy this domain not to let it go to some wrong user, and to promote the integration among all the european fans.

We hope you'll enjoy the website. Opening with a hit, we have as main news today a preview of the exclusive interview with Lene, which will be online tomorrow here on Lene.it!

Let us thank specially Koletz, who expressed again all his fantasy and talent: the results are easy to see!


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