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19 June 2006 - 17:10
'Avalon' special (part 2): interview with Lovebugs
LovebugsOur Avalon special goes on: here's an exclusive interview with the guys from Lovebugs.

Why did you choose to make a duet, and why did you choose Lene?
The song Avalon was an obvious contender for a duet. and Lene was our first choice because of her beautiful and haunting voice. so out of the blue we contacted her via her management and sent her the song ... and she really liked it. She came to Switzerland for two days and everybody was very very happy with the results.

What kind of song is Avalon, and what was Lene's contribution to it?
Avalon is probably one of the best songs by Lovebugs ever. It has a melancholic and at the same time uplifting quality to it ... like a lot of our songs. Lene really brought a new colour to the song. She really made it shine ...

How was it to work with Lene? Tell us some curious/funny things about the recordings.
Lene is a very kind and uncomplicated person. So the recordings were done in just a few hours. She's very professional.

The first single from your latest album In Every Waking Moment is "The Key", which is in these weeks in the Swiss Top 20. Will Avalon be your second single from the new album?
Yes, Avalon will be the second single off the album in Switzerland.

Will Lene join you on stage anytime??
We hope so... We'll let you know...

This summer you are going to play in many places in Switzerland. Are you also going to play in some festivals abroad Switzerland?
Yes, we will play abroad once the record is released outside of Switzerland.

Many fans of Lene don't know Lovebugs. How would you describe your band and your music?
Have a look at our MySpace page to listen to some new songs from our album!! Hope you like them!

We want to thank Lovebugs for their willingness and niceness. Our Avalon special is to be continued in the next days, so stay tuned!


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