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16 June 2006 - 16:13
'Avalon' special (part 1): let's get to know Lovebugs
LovebugsSeven days left to the release of "Avalon", the song by Swiss band Lovebugs in duet with Lene Marlin. Lene.it will bring you to "the day" with a special reportage to let you get to know Lovebugs and tell you more about their collaboration with Lene.

Today we will briefly tell the story of the band, introducing their brand new album "In Every Waking Moment", out from June 23rd. Take note, for part 2, to be published in the next days, will contain an exclusive interview with the band, telling specially about them and Lene working together!

Lovebugs have a 13-years career, with seven studio album released. The five Swiss musicians have continually surprised, confirmed, inspired and, at the same time, regularly opened up new musical horizons, coming then to "Naked", a live unplugged album. Back in studio after three years, Lovebugs have made something totally new, with ethereal and hypnotical lyrics and atmospheres. The result is almost an album of the night, so to speak. The sound recollects something of the alternative rock from the eighties like Stone Roses, New Order and early U2. Singer and author Adrian Sieber says: "We wanted to get back to our alternative rock-band roots, though with a 10-years experience now, so with better songs".

The Swiss band takes much care of the relationship with the fans and their websites: www.lovebugs.com which is thier official website, and www.myspace.com/lovebugsmusic , their MySpace: here you can hear four full songs from their new album and see the video of their last single, "The Key", standing in the Swiss Top20.

Don't forget that the album "In Every Waking Moment", containing "Avalon", will be out on June 23rd in Switzerland, and can be bought online on iTunes. Lovebugs are Adrian Sieber (voice and guitar), Thomas Rechberger (voice and guitar), Stefan Wagner (keyboards and voice), Florian Senn (bass), Simon Ramseier (drums). In the next days they will tell us about Avalon and about their choice to duet with Lene.


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