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05 April 2006 - 23:43
Lene: "It's such a good feeling being inspired"
After receiving a very kind sign of her closeness to us by the publication of the first photos taken by herself in some meeting with her italian fans in the last two years, Lene writes to her fans again in her blog.
It's a message full of happiness, written with enthusiasm, that enthusiasm of her that we all know. First, she explicitly thanks all her fans for the continuous support provided to her and her music, for the kind words and the way we show that her songs matter to us. Then she reveals that she's busy with different projects at the moment, including songwriting.
This is not the first time Lene tells us so. This time though she adds as a personal note, that being inspired is a wonderful feeling, and that it's nice to see that some nice songs can come out of it.
Last, Lene tells that when looking back at her photos from her travels, she decided to show some of them on her website. There are plenty of great memories from different parts of the world.

We want to thank Lene for this wonderful message, and close this post with the charts update for "You Weren't There" in the Hit40.
#49   141 - Hit40
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