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16 March 2006 - 09:15
What If hangs on. Lene-marlin.no back online!
It seems that in the last four weeks "What If" has kept stable in the Radio Tromsų airplay, around #20, and that's indeed a good news.
Amazing - in these times - is the continuous presence of "You Weren't There" among the first one hundred positions in the norwegian Hit40, two years and nine weeks after its first airplay. Someway, Lene Marlin's voice keeps being broadcast on the norwegian frequencies :-)
#20   14 - Radio Tromsų

#75   134 - Hit40
#61   135 - Hit40
#57   136 - Hit40
#89   137 - Hit40
Symbols order: current position, state (new entry, up, down, standing), weeks spent in the chart, chart/playlist name

We were very happy to learn, and now we are to announce to you, that by popular acclaim our norwegian cousins at lene-marlin.no are now back online with a brand new contest, a good initiative to keep the fans united and active.
Our best wishes to go along with this adventure for a long time, together with Lene and all of her fans.


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