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10 March 2006 - 15:14
Lene-marlin.no closes
Some days ago all of us Lene fans received a really sad news about one of the main websites about Lene Marlin: www.lene-marlin.no has announced its closing after years of work. The site, directed by Memo, has always been - together with Lene.it - the main point of reference for everything concerning Lene. News, image galleries, video, all carried on with a great passion, skills and constant effort. The guys at lene-marlin.no, Memo, Tef Johs and Staalorm, have had a key role in promoting Lene and have worked so hard to bring their site to the high-quality level it was.

The reasons that led to the closing of the website are explained by Memo himself here. The Lene.it staff is struck and sorry for this. We understand which are the difficulties and the frustrations that may need facing when managing a complex and complete site like lene-marlin.no. To carry such a big project means to feel a big passion that needs to be supported. Our friends didn't get enough support, in different ways, and in such a situation it's hard to get on indeed. This is the reason why we feel close to Memo, Tef Johs and Staalorm, and thank them on the behalf of all the italian fans of Lene, for the enormous work they've done for the fans, for Lene, and her record company. Unfortunately, they received in return much less than what they had given, and that's a shame.

Lene.it and Lene-marlin.no have walked together in friendship a long road full of satisfactions: thus, we know we will miss you a lot. Guys, congratulations on all that you've made, and good luck for your future.


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