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14 February 2006 - 22:41
More about "The Ugly Duckling"
(movie and TV series)
We get back now to "The Ugly Duckling", the popular tale by H.C.Andersen. Danish A.Film A/S Copenhagen is about to release a cartoon movie inspired by the tale, entitled "The Ugly Duckling and Me", and is working on an animated TV series, "Ugly Duckling Junior". They both are planned to be released this year.
The TV series consists of 26 episodes lasting 26 minutes each one, and according to the very last news it is now being broadcast on sunday mornings on Danish TV2.

Here we sum up the comment from A.Film itself about the two projects.

The Ugly Duckling & Me - 3D Feature
We all know how it feels to be ridiculed by mean people who refuses to acknowledge our inner qualities, don't we? So this is the right occasion to re-tell the tale of "The Ugly Duckling", trying to answer to the questions the author chose not to answer to.
Where did that egg come from? What about the duckling's mother? Didn't he have a best friend? No rats?
Naturally, all these questions and more will be answered in the cartoon movie entitled "The Ugly Duckling and Me", which will be out soon! And who's that "me" then? Here it comes the ambiguous rat Ratso, the duckling's only and best friend.
The story is set in a sort of classical timeless world near Fünen, in Denmark. In a yard among geese, chickens and hens. A variegated multitude of simpletons and funny coloured characters. That is, something not far from what we all remember from our childhood, though set in a microcosm inhabited by fowls.
We are working to create a unique design for the film, with the help from the 3D animation, adding to all of it a humorous element.

Ugly Duckling Junior - 3D Tv Series
Focused on the subsequent adventures of Ugly, Ratso and their friend, the duck Jessie, the series is set in the duckyard. The visual style is the same as the one of the movie - a sort of mini-realism filled with caricatures endowed with a someway clumsy irony.

Here is an anticipation teaser taken from the movie.

Lene Marlin is writing some songs for the movie together with Danish composer Jacob Groth.


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