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18 January 2006 - 21:48
"Faces" soundtrack for Russian commercial "Ya"
As already reported in the last days, Lene Marlin's song "Faces" from the album "Another Day" was chosen in Russia as the soundtrack of a TV commercial for an orange juice, "Ya".

Now you can watch the video for the commercial (taken from sostav.ru): you can download it by clicking here (4 MB - MPG).
The company who made it is FCB MA, but the director is Swiss Ivo Wejgaard. The shootings took place in Prague, in january 2005; the commercial, on the air the first time in march 2005, is still being broadcast by the main Russian televisions. It seems that Lene's song has aroused interest among many people in Russia, as testimonied by the number of russian visitors who have clicked on lene.it in the last months.

Also, don't miss Lene's message on her updated blog at lenemarlin.com, confirming she's in the right mood to write new songs!


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