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14 January 2006 - 19:43
Lene Marlin has now her english fanclub!

Take note of the link! It's the first English fanclub dedicated to Lene Marlin, born thanks to staalorm (our norwegian friend working at lene-marlin.no) who bought the domain and in a few hours has put up a basic structure for the website. Now some english fan is needed to support this praiseworthy project and take care of the administration: updates, news, graphics, new forum, and everything needed.
There are good news already: it's confirmed that Lene will be doing promotion in England, but in the meantime we have to busy ourselves and get it on! In three days 30 people from the UK have answered to the Lene Marlin UK Street Team call, but as Macphisto reminds, there are 300,000 people in the UK who bought "Playing My Game", they got to be found!
So, don't wait! Join the promotion campaign for Lene's new album in UK using your websites, blogs, spreading the word among your friends, and in every way you can!!


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