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12 January 2006 - 16:23
Lene writing new material for the cartoon movie "The Ugly Duckling And Me"
In November 2004 we published a news about Lene going to work together with Danish composer Jacob Groth to write the original soundtrack for the cartoon movie "The Ugly Duckling", inspired by the famous tale by H.C.Andersen, the well known Danish writer famous for his fables.
As Lene herself told in an interview last may, this project had developed then into the making of her third album "Lost In A Moment". There was still work in progress about the movie and Lene was not sure wether her songs would be actually included in the soundtrack, but in that period she felt very creative, so she decided in a few time to make a new album. That is, songs originally written for the movie ended up in Lene's "Lost In A Moment".
Now Lene is writing and recording new material exclusively for the film, renamed in the meantime into "The Ugly Duckling And Me", scheduled to be released in Denmark on October 6th 2006.

The preparation on this 3D cartoon movie has been long and difficult, and several changes have been carried out in the years: the idea to make a cartoon movie inspired by the popular fable by Andersen was developed by A.Film already years before 2005. The original idea was to make actual animals "talk" (like in "Babe"), but then the final choice was to realize the film with the help of the computer graphics, letting the team benefit by more freedom in their work.
Karsten Kiilerich, co-directing the movie together with Michael Hegner, has told that the final budget for the movie is about 5.5 million Euros, which is much less than the 11 million originally planned, and a little sum compared to the American and European main productions. Beside the movie, there's work in progress also to carry out an animated TV series ("The Ugly Duckling") inspired by the film.
Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale is the story of an ugly duckling who turns into a beautiful swan. The tale is updated in unorthodox fashion as Ratso, a success-starved rodent impresario tries to persuade everyone that he is the duckling's dad. Ratso and the world's ugliest duckling set off on a perilous journey towards their big breakthrough, but dangerous foes, teenage problems and unexpected paternal feelings lie ahead. Developing the screenplay for "The Ugly Duckling and Me", Kiilerich and Hegner originally tried to stay faithful to Andersenís tale, but then they had to make some changes to bring the story on a screen in a cinema, giving the duckling a friend or some kind of counterpoint, turning it into a comedy, but maintaining from Andersen's tale the theme of being cast out of society.
The movie, produced by Anders Mastrup and Irene Sparre, will last 80 minutes.

At this writing, the news on the Jacob Groth website say that Groth is going to work in the next months to make the music for the TV series "The Ugly Duckling". The recordings will take place in Galway and Dublin, together with Irish musicians. So Lene Marlin seems to be involved not in the project for the TV series, but only in the one for the movie: we're looking forward to having more details about this project.

In the three pictures: Jacob Groth, Karsten Kiilerich and Michael Hegner


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