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10 January 2006 - 23:01
Lene at work again!
Lene Marlin is about to resume her promotional activities: in January they will be dedicated to Norway, while in February the attention will be focused mainly on the UK. The aim, as we have learned, is to enter in the Top 5 in the UK Download Chart. This will happen by the promotion of a new song (still unknown) from the album "Lost In A Moment", maybe with some remixes, as it happened years ago too.
The plans for the promotion in Italy and France are not fully defined yet.
We can confirm that the Singapore version of "Lost In A Moment" (out Jan 3rd) is official: it's an album with 12 tracks including "Still Here" and a DVD which is really a news to all the Lene Marlin fans. For the first time in fact almost all the music videos that have marked Lene's musical path until today are collected in one disc (plus the karaoke version of "Still Here"). Here is the DVD tracklist:

1. Still Here (Video)
2. Still Here (Karaoke)
3. Sitting Down Here (Video)
4. Unforgivable Sinner (Video)
5. You Weren't There (Video)
6. Another Day (Video)
7. How Would It Be (Video)
8. What If (Video)

We have learned also that Lene's song "Faces" was officially licensed to a fruit juice company using it in a TV commercial in Russia; this news was pointed out by the italian fan LuisFigo.

So, the first months of 2006 will still be dedicated to promote Lene's third album, but it won't be unlikely to have new showcases, maybe some concerts, besides other projects.


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