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19 December 2005 - 23:38
Back to China: showcase + full Still Here video
Today we get back to a couple of months ago to bring to you a previously unreleased very interesting video, about Lene Marlin's promotional tour in Asia. On October 25th Lene was in Beijing, where she met her chinese fans and sang four songs live, accompanied by Berni at the guitar. The tracklist was: "Still Here", "Disguise", "How Would It Be" and "When You Were Around" (this last with Lene playing the guitar). The video you're about to see is taken from Chinese Television TVCN, and contains Lene's full performance. But this is not all, for the first time we can enjoy the full "Still Here" video, exctracts from several interviews and the "How Would It Be" video! Don't miss these 27 minutes, where we can enjoy for the first time a live version of "Disguise". In the interview, Lene comments also upon the asian re-recordings of her songs, saying she likes them very much. Click here to dowload the video (40MB - WMV). (Thanks Cianotico for the video)
Talking about re-recordings, today we learnt (source: lene-marlin.no) that is out in Norway a dance remix of Unforgivable Sinner recorded by Carma, two norwegian models trying to exploit the success of Lene's song to launch themselves into the music market: a honestly mean version, with bad voices and a videoclip entirely based on more or less explicit sexual references. That is, the worst that could be combined to important music and lyrics like the ones of "Unforgivable Sinner".


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