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26 November 2005 - 13:08
Lene's hidden talents
Acting, photography, radio: many and various are the Lene Marlin's skills and hobbies we learned about in the last days.
Two weeks ago Lene herself told in her blog about her first experience as a radio host on the morning show P3 Morgen on NRK P3, and about the photography lessons taken from a famous photographer. Then, thanks to the transcription and translation of the audio from the show made by our friend Tef at lene-marlin.no, and after the issue in Dagbladet's Magasinet with the pictures that Lene took of herself, we learnt many new things about Lene's interests beside music.
First of all, we were happy - and not surprised of course - to see the way Lene jokes and is self-ironical, taking herself not too seriously. But the actual surprise was another thing: Lene writes and plays very funny stand-up comedy monologues! A streak to cultivate and investigate, indeed. Plus, she has acquired a real taste for taking pictures and shooting films during her promotional tours because, as she wisely says, photographs are a gallery of memory that help recollecting.
We, her italian fans, already knew about her photograph activity: in the last meetings Lene herself took some pictures to the fans and made some shootings, and this is beautiful, because it brings us closer to her. Now Lene has showed a stronger interest for the photography technique too, and this is indeed another praiseworthy sign of her artistic soul.

Lene talked about many other things during the radio show and in the Magasinet interview. Visit our Press Review section for the complete english transcription and translation, made by Tef Johs of lene-marlin.no


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