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20 November 2005 - 09:41
Lene on MusicItems.be
Here's the interview, found by our Knox, given by Lene to belgian radio MusicItems.be last July, after being in Amsterdam.

It's a moderate and journalistic interview; the host's voice doesn't show any particular emotion, but Lene is as usual very talkative and is revealing some interesting things.
After the questions about her career and her new album, they comment on the fact that Lene has travelled a lot in Italy, and visited many cities. In conclusion Italy ends up as the foreign country where Lene has spent the most of her time.
She likes very much italian pizza and belgian chocolate, defined as "dangerous", for once you start eating it you can't stop.
Lene admits that "It's True" is one of her favourite songs, maybe passing over in silence something more. Usually Lene doesn't go too far about such things, but when the host states that his favourite song is "It's True", Lene ligths up with joy and falters in her reply. She starts the sentence more than once, but every time she halts, maybe because she's about to say something she shouldn't. Finally she works it out by saying "it's one of my favourite too", with a slightly embarassed expression and laugh :-)
Lene tells that when she was younger she would have liked to act in a movie, but now she thinks she won't do it, it's not in her plans because she wants to keep concentrated on music.
The dream she would like for her to come true in 2005 is to have fun and to enjoy this new album having time to think about what's happening, something she couldn't do after the first one.

Here you can dowload the video of the interview.


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