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07 November 2005 - 08:53
France: "Lost In A Moment" put off to January
Here is another update from France. As reported by many friends of us, in France the album "Lost In A Moment" has not been released yet, so it's available only by import or download on Virginmega.fr. The release was put off many times and now, according to Amazon.fr, it's scheduled for January 2nd 2006.
Nevertheless "My Lucky Day" was chosen by Virgin France as the second extract from the album. This song has been the soundtrack of the TV commercial for Kinder Surprise by Paris agency DDB for about one month now. That seems the strange destiny of Lene's songs in France, unfortnuately almost never on radio rotations, but used for TV commercials. It happened also back in april 2001, when "Sitting Down Here" was the soundtrack of the commercial for mineral water Courmayeur. We hope that "Lost In A Moment" will have a better and less confusing promotion in France (the album is not out in stores but it's been already reviewed by some french websites).


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