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02 November 2005 - 15:57
Lene in Taiwan & China: our full summary
Lene Marlin's new song for Asia and the following promo tour in Taiwan and China: two very busy months and a great success for Lene! From the anticipations about "Still Here" to our reports from Asia, here are summarized more than 30 news we published about Lene's recent activities. By clicking on the links (which will open in a new window), you may easily run through every detail and dowload material like photos, audios and videos!

On September 7th we anticipate that Lene is in studio recording a new song for the Asian market (NEWS), some days later we learn that the song's entitled "Still Here", and is a re-recording of a chinese song by Faye Wong (NEWS), of which we publish the original lyrics and audio clip (NEWS). On September 22nd we manage to listen to "Still Here", make a first transcription of the lyrics and publish the cover for the "Lost In A Moment" Taiwanese release, including "Still Here" as a bonus track (NEWS). News are getting more and more frequent: first we confirm that the Taiwan release will contain both Lene's new album and the "Another Day" DVD (NEWS), then we tell about Lene's forthcoming trip to Taiwan and China (NEWS). From Taiwan we receive the news about on official video for "Still Here" to be shot (NEWS). On September 26th we publish the official lyrics of "Still Here" and point out that a temporary version of the video is on air in Asia (NEWS). Two days later we receive the confirmation of Lene's visit in Taiwan, with the announcement of her participation to the MTV Music Battle show (NEWS), then the trip to China is confirmed too (NEWS). The importance of the Asian tour is confirmed by the opening of a mini-site for Lene by EMI Taiwan (NEWS), while something's changing in the asian radio charts (NEWS). On October 7th the video for "Still Here" is complete, and fan meetings in Taipei and Beijing are planned (NEWS). "Lost in a moment" in the meantime enters in the Taiwan chart (NEWS) and on its third week is at #5 (NEWS). On October 18th Lene and her staff set off to Asia, and Lene.it publishes the complete schedule for the 4 days Lene's going to spend in Taiwan (NEWS).

On October 20th we publish Lene's first interview in Taipei (Radio BCC - "Entertainment Generation"), where she sings live the chorus from "Still Here" (NEWS + audio @ Radio BCC).
A few hours later Lene updates her blog, telling about her first day in Taiwan (NEWS).
On October 21st we publish the first pictures of Lene in Taiwan, wearing a white cap (NEWS + picture). After that, we publish a video clip from "Showbiz" on SET (including the MTV Music Battle presentation, the interview in studio and "Still Here" live) and the video from "E-news" on TVBSG (a report about the press conference at EMI's), plus new photos (NEWS + video @ Showbiz + video @ E-news + photos). After the chart updates (NEWS), we publish the preview of the official "Still Here" video (NEWS + video).
On October 22nd we bring the first details about Lene's opening performance at the Music Battle with a photogallery by Kotaro (NEWS + photos @ MusicBattle). Plus, we publish a funny article from the China Times about Lene having had her Tarots read by a Taiwanese fortune-teller (NEWS + China Times article + Apple Daily article).
On October 23rd we tell about the sensational meeting Lene had with the fans in Taipei at the Rose Records shop (NEWS + photos @ Rose Records).
On October 24th Lene leaves Taiwan and sets off to continental Asia (NEWS), but Lene.it keeps publishing new stuff about Lene's tour in Taiwan (NEWS + Apple Daily article Oct.23rd + Star News article Oct.23rd + photos).
On October 26th we publish the one that Lene described as her best interview ever, given to Radio News98, point up the triple platinum award Lene's received In Taiwan, and published the first photos from Beijing (NEWS + audio @ News98 + video E-news Oct.24th + photos Beijing showcase).
On October 27th we receive new stuff (NEWS + audio @ Radio ET FM Oct.22nd + video @ Tvbsg + Alas' China photos), on 28th there's a chart update (NEWS). Then it's the MTV Music Battle's turn (NEWS + video @ Music Battle part 1) (NEWS + video @ Music Battle part 2).
On October 30th, while Lene is getting back to Europe, we publish new material from China (NEWS + article @ Sina + interview @ Sina + video interview @ Sina + video interview @ QQ + Beijing showcase photos).

We hope we managed to sum up all these intense and happy moments in this review! Thanks again to Kotaro and Alas for their work!


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