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26 October 2005 - 16:12
Lene's best interview ever
While Lene Marlin's Chinese promo tour goes on, we bring to you some new interesting material from Taiwan.

The main one is the radio interview for News98, recorded on October 21st and broadcast yesterday, which Lene claims as her best intervew ever, as reported on lenemarlin.com! The atmosphere during the interview is indeed very friendly, the host was DJ and writer Tom Wang, who proved to have caught Lene's sensibility well, with comments and thoughts that really impressed her. They ran through Lene's career from the beginning, talked about Norway, "Still Here" and much more. Tom Wang joked too, telling that his girlfriend left him dedicating Unforgivable Sinner to him, and he said that Lene's songs are almost made for breaking up a relationship! :P You can listen to the whole interview by clicking here!

The official site lenemarlin.com reports more details about Lene's visit in Taipei: her songs are currently the most downloaded in Taiwan, and she received a multi-patinum disc for selling 150,000 copies, becoming the biggest selling european artist in Taiwan in the last ten years!
On sunday, after the meeting with the fans, Lene had some time to visit the city, especially Taipei 101, the world's tallest building. And by the way, we have a new video from programme E-news about the Rose Records event. Click here to download the video.

Yesterday Lene met her fans in Beijing, where she played live accompanied by Berni at the guitar. Here you can find some pictures about this event.


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