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24 October 2005 - 21:02
Report from Taiwan, more about China + 'What If'
Other updates from Asia, and from the norwegian television too.

Taiwan - Article from Apple Daily: the article here to the right (click here for bigger version) is mainly about the collaboration between Lene and Roberto Cavalli, the italian fashion stylist who dressed her during her promo tour in Taiwan. Lene chose whatever she wanted from the collection in the Cavalli store in Milan. The journalist asks her if she's engaged, but she outwits: "Maybe, maybe not!". She is then asked what kind of boy she likes, and answers Ashton Kutcher (she has watched him in a show, but not in his movies).

Taiwan - Article from Star News: in another article published today in Taiwan they talk about our italian fan-club! There's also a picture with our Kotaro's fanclub label! Then the article tells about the Rose Record event.

Taiwan - Lene with the composer of Still Here: in this image you can see Lene with Mr. Hwang, the composer of "Still Here", who runs also a radio show, which will be broadcast on wednesday evening.

Cina - Lene confirmed at the King Koo KTV: we can confirm the news previously anticipated. Lene will be in the karaoke center "King Koo KTV" in Beijing tomorrow at 3 PM (8 AM GMT). She will meet her Chinese fans and will be signing autographs for them.

Lene interviewed and preview of the "What If" video: now back to Europe, the day before Lene set off to Asia. Norwegian television TV2 visited her on the set of the "What If" video and interviewed her, anticipating some scenes from it. Our friends at lene-marlin.no have found the interview to be dowloaded from their website (with subtitles in english!)


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