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23 October 2005 - 15:34
Sensational meeting with the fans in Taipei
Lene Marlin's promo tour in Taiwan closes today with another extraordinary event. Lene was planned to meet her fans and sign autographs at 1:30 PM (local time) in the Rose Records shop in Taipei. At 9:30 AM about twenty people were already waiting for the shop to open. At 1 PM there was a long crowded queue of boys and girls waiting to be let in. Lene arrived at 1:40 PM and was soon surrounded by journalists, cameras, videocameras. Lene sat at a table and began the long photo and autograph session with her fans. The atmosphere was very nice, Lene has been smiling all the time and looked very glad that she could share this special moment with all her fans (it was the first meeting with Lene for them). After the session, she posed for some more pictures with an autographed giant poster. The massive presence of the press and television was almost unbelievable! At 2:40 PM Lene left the shop, but outside she took some more photos anyway. Our correspondent Kotaro was there, and took many great pictures. You can watch them by clicking here!

After this meeting, Lene gave out some interviews, closing her intense Taiwan promo tour. Tomorrow morning (tonight in Europe) Lene Marlin and all her staff will set off to China. But our reports from Taiwan don't stop here: we're looking forward to bringing to you new material in the very next days, though we'll have to wait until the end of the month to watch the MTV Music Battle video, for it will be broadcast on October 29th.

We want to thank on Lene's fans' behalf EMI Taiwan, who has done an excellent job, guaranteeing always the best conditions for Lene and her fans!


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