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22 October 2005 - 19:30
Lene in Taipei: the Opinion of the Tarots
The lenemarlin.com website told some days ago about Lene having had her Tarots read by Maurice in Taipei a couple of days ago, Today the China Times has published an article with a report from this meeting. The fact is quite unique, so here is the report from the article.

Maurice is the most expert fortune-teller in Taiwan, and he predicted Lene's future about career, money and love.

CAREER: Lene got "Cups 7", "Swords 5", and "The Devil".
"Cup 7" shows she has too much thoughts about her music career, but seldom they will come true. She has to eliminate about half and she will have success. "Swords 5" shows she has put too much pressure on herself and too many imaginary enemies. Maurice suggests: "Just compete with yourself". "The Devil" shows she puts a great energy in her career. If Lene shows herself naturally, she will have success.

MONEY: Lene got "Wands 5" and "Strength"
"Wands 5" shows she is lavish for family and friends. "Strength" shows she will have good luck with money next year. Maurice said Lene is not interested in unexpected money incomes like winning the lottery. She likes to earn money herself. Lene agreed...

LOVE: Maurice asked if Lene had a lover and wanted to ask the "result" or just to ask the luck of love. Finally Lene chose to ask the luck of love, but after choosing the Tarot, she said "I don't want to know the result", "Please don't tell me if the result is not good" ... Lene got "The Death" and she became nervous. Maurice said Lene's love is soothed now and suggested to keep concentrated on her career.

Since Lene didn't look good after the result, Maurice suggested her to choose another Tarot for the luck of next year. Lene got "The Judgement" and Maurice said Lene's love will become "spring" next year. Lene's face became red and the reporter asked whether it was exact. Lene nodded and asked the reporter to go out of the room. She said "I still have some questions, but questions I can't let you know about."

This is the report from the China Times, we guess that Lene had some fun!

Another article was published today on the Apple Daily, a Taiwanese newspaper; it is referring to a contract proposal from Maverick (Madonna's record company), but Lene answers she's got a contract with Virgin; then she ironically states that she won't be singing anymore when she'll be 40. Why? 'Cause she eats too much junk food, and won't be able to keep in a so good shape 'til then!!

Thanks Kotaro for these updates.


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