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22 October 2005 - 13:04
Lene Marlin's intense Taiwan promo tour goes on. Today we are so happy to let all of you watch for the first time the "Still Here" video!!!
The video was shot in Norway last October 6th and lasts 2 minutes, it's very simple and runs through the phases of the writing of the lyrics. Lene is in a big room with a piano, and sings the song sitting and writing the words. Then her guitarist Bernt Rune Stray - a.k.a. Berni - reaches her in the studio and accompanies Lene singing the final part of the song. Indeed, an intimate and intense video that will surely be appreciated by all the fans.

Download the "Still Here" video - WMV - 4 MB

And today Lene.it, thanks to Kotaro's collaboration, will bring to you all the updates about the MTV Music Battle and the press reviews on the today Taiwanese newspapers (Lene dealing with the tarots included!)


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