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20 October 2005 - 19:59
First day of promotion in Taipei
Lene about the making of the "What If" video
After the update from Kotaro, here is the official one: news and Lene's blog. Apparently there's a lot of energy in the air and everything seems to be going great.

First, the news: it's a pleasure to read that Lene Marlin was welcomed very warmly by the Taiwanese people both at the airport and at the hotel. This morning she was at the presentation press conference for the MTV Music Battle, and one Maurice, the main expert in this field, read the tarots to her: the result will be published on the China Times!
In the afternoon Lene was on two TV shows, where she sang in both cases the refrain from "Still Here", accompanied by Stray at the guitar, like she did during her visits to Radio Wave and Radio BCC (see previous news).

Now, Lene's new fresh message in her blog. She tells about making of the "What If" video: she had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, and after reaching the set she had to drive back and forth for six hours, for the script had several scenes in a convertible car. Naturally, Lene jokes, it was the coldest day since a long time, even though the weather was nice.
After driving the whole morning, our brave Lene shot other outdoor scenes for three hours and a half, taking a good risk of getting freezed. Luckily the rest of the video was shot in an indoor setting, but the day lasted until 1:30 AM anyway.
That is 20 hours always on the run. Now there is nothing more to do than to watch and appreciate the result of such a great effort!

About Taiwan, Lene confirms that after a 21-hours flight gone quickly she received a warm welcome at the hotel, and now she just has to recover from the jet-lag, looking forward to some very special days in Eastern Asia.


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