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20 October 2005 - 16:48
Listen to Lene's interview & live on Radio BCC
Lene.it brings to you the complete recording of the radio interview with Lene which ended a few hours ago in Taipei. Lene Marlin was the guest on "Entertainment Generation" on Radio BCC. The interview lasted for almost half an hour, and Lene performed live too.

The opening and the first greetings start with "Disguise" in the background. The host finds Lene full of energy and she replies she's happy to be there and that has had a very busy day. Lene tells that in the past weeks she's been very busy too, and didn't have much free time to spend with her friends or doing usual things like cleaning her apartment. The atmosphere in the studio is happy and "My Lucky Day" starts. The host asks Lene how it is to be in Taiwan for the second time. Lene answers that despite the 21-hours flight, time passed quickly and it's nice to be in Taiwan again. Then she is asked why her albums are so different, and Lene says that her fourth album would be different too, for it would anyway reflect the moment when it's made. Then she is asked some usual things, the impact with the celebrity stardom, the reason of the love lyrics in Lost In a Moment. To the first Lene answers that every new thing scares, and so it happened with her first impact with the record industry, but now she's older and knows it much better; about the second, she tells that she never explains the meaning of her lyrics, even though the album is not only about love.

Then they talk about "Still Here": Lene explains that she immediately accepted the proposal to make a re-recording, and didn't want to know what the original lyrics were about, not to be influenced when writing her version, which ended up being totally personal and spontaneous. After the broadcasting of Still Here, Lene is asked to play it live together with Stray. After the brief performance (only the chorus), the interview goes on. The topic is Lost In A Moment, the inspirations behind the lyrics, and the reason for that title. In the end Lene accepts a paper notebook as a gift, saying it will be her travel diary in Taiwan.

You can listen to the complete interview and Lene's live performance by clicking here (ZIP, 13 MB). Thanks Kotaro for this news, and stay tuned for more news about Lene's today promotional activities in Taiwan are to come!


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