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14 October 2005 - 22:41
Up in Taiwan! Info about the autograph session
This week Lene Marlin is up in Taiwan, both in the radios with her brand new song "Still Here", and in the charts with the special edition of her album "Lost In A Moment".
By the way, in the international album chart on the ICRT website, Lene is currently at #10: probably a mean position between the #13 and #7 reported in the first 10 days by the G-Music website, the one we have been and will be referring to.
Who would have thought that "How Would It Be" would stay in the Swiss airplay charts so long? A big thankyou to the Swiss radios, and to our friend Steffen from hitparade.ch, who has constantly kept us updated in the last 5 months about the song's airplay trend in Switzerland.

#3    02 - Radio UFO
#19   01 - Kiss Radio
#10   02 - Kiss Radio

#43   20 - Official Radio Airplay
#49   21 - Official Radio Airplay

#5    03 - G-Music Western Chart
Symbols order: current position, state (new entry, up, down, standing), weeks spent in the chart, chart/playlist name

Beside the charts update for Taiwan, today kotaro told us that EMI Taiwan has revealed some particulars about the forthcoming autograph session with Lene: it will be on Sunday, October 23rd (the day after the MTV show) at the "Rose Records", a shop in the megastore Ximen in Taipei.
The session will start at 2 PM (7 AM GMT), but only 100 lucky people will have an autograph: those who will get the ticket first! They can take it at the Rose Record the same day of the show, from the opening of the shop (11 AM, Taiwan time) on.


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