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01 October 2005 - 15:21
MTV Music Battle: Lene to sing 5 songs
How to get to the event in Taipei - China next!
We can now provide you with more details about the big "MTV Music Battle" show to take place in Taipei on October 22nd, where Lene is going to be one of the main guests. The event will be broadcast live by all the MTV Asia networks (MTV Taiwan, MTV Japan, MTV Singapore, MTV Malaysia, MTV Hong Kong, MTV China).
Lene will open the show, singing five songs live; she will be the only non-Asian artist to participate (the others will be 5566, Machi and Alan Xuo from Taiwan; YiDA Wang and Stefanie Sun from Singapore; Soul'd Out from Japan).
After Taiwan, where she will stay for three days in order to promote her album, Lene will visit China: an acoustic performance in Beijing is already scheduled. Lene will stay in China for three days and will probably visit another city beside the capital.

Now, back to "MTV Music Battle", we strongly invite all the many Asian Lene fans to take part in the event! Kotaro is providing us with some information about how to get a free ticket:

Tickets of this event are free, but you need do something like:
1. Become a user of "Chunghwa Telecom" 3G cellphone user
2. Buy 5 "la tea" drinks and go to MTV Chinese to exchange a ticket
3. Enroll an event on MTVChinese.com, and you will have a chance to get a ticket.


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