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26 September 2005 - 18:03
Official "Still Here" lyrics. More about the video
New details about "Still Here", the new song from Lene Marlin, re-recording of a song by chinese artist Faye Wong. In our Lyrics & Tabs are now available the correct official lyrics for the song, which you can read just by clicking here. We take advantage of this to inform you that our Pegasus has provided us all the tabs from "Lost In A Moment" in original key, so now the section is complete with all Lene's songs, including "Still Here".

Back to "Still Here", the Taiwan television is currently broadcasting a video, a sort of mix between the "Another Day" and "How Would It Be" video, waiting for the official one to be released (the shootings will start soon). Thus, it's going to be a double work for Lene, who is working both on the "What If" and on the "Still Here" video.

Lene herself is communicating on her blog today that she's gotten ill (probably flu), but she's hopeful about being back soon! Take care of yourself Lene, and see you soon! ;-)


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