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24 September 2005 - 15:54
A video for "Still Here"?
Thanks to kellen of lenechina.net, we can now bring you the translation of the news we found on MTV Chinese.com. There's a piece of news to verify and many interesting details we didnít know.

Lene Marlin is giving a surprise to Taiwan fans! Lene, whose songs were once rearranged by Lin Yilian, Jiang Mei Qi, Liu Honghua, made a new version of Chinese icon, Faye Wongís "Iím willing". Besides, the original lyric writer, Yao Qian, who wrote the Chinese lyrics of "Iím willing", has translated the English lyrics of "Still here" into Chinese. "Still here" will be airplayed on a Taiwan radio called UFO (22/09). The limited new album including this new song will be released next Tuesday (27/09)
The 25-years-old Norwegian singer Lene Marlin has released 2 albums in Taiwan, both had selled over 150000 copies and she was the best-known North European singer over the last decade in Taiwan. Her songs were also welcomed by Taiwan artists. "Unforgivable Sinner" was rearranged by Liu Honghua, "Sitting down here" by Lin Yilian [Note: sheís Sandy Lin], "Disguise" by Jiang Mei Qi. This time, Lene gives a new version to the Chinese hit ďIím willingĒ as a gift to Taiwan fans. After she listened sereval times to the original version by Faye Wong, Lene not only wrote new lyrics and added some guitar parts, but also slowed its rhythm, expressing a promise of love with her beautiful voice.
EMI Taiwan invited the original song writer Yao Qian to listen to this new version soon after they got this song. Yao Qian volunteered to translate the lyrics of "Still here" into Chinese. Yao Qian said: ęIíve been waiting for this moment for longĽ. About 4 years ago, it was Yao Qian that made it possible for Lin Yilian to rearrange Leneís "Sitting down here".
Besides, Lene will make a music video for "Still here". And Taiwan is ready to release a limited cd+dvd, including 11 new songs of "Lost in a moment" + "Still here". The dvd has 10 songs and acoustic versions of "Sorry", "Hope youíre happy", "Itís all good" and "Enough". The album will be released on September, 27th.


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