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07 September 2005 - 23:05
Exclusive: Lene in studio recording a new song for South East Asia. HWIB postponed in Uk
Lene.it is happy to bring to you some exclusive, really important news: Lene Marlin is currently in studio recording a new song! This song will be released in October in South East Asia and it's a rearranged version of a huge Chinese hit, with English lyrics and a new arrangement by Lene.
We hope to have soon more details about this extraordinary event... actually it's the first time Lene records a song that wasn't written by herself, though we're sure the new arrangement and the new lyrics will have Lene's distinctive style.

Now, a curiosity: you may remember about a Chinese singer named Sandy Lin who put a re-recording of "Sitting Down Here" in one of her albums, and the song did very well. We at Lene.it tried to translate those lyrics into English, also because Lene herself was curious about its meaning... here's what we found out!

We wish Lene nothing but the best for this new adventure in the South-East of Asia!

Concerning the UK, we have to inform you that the release of "How Would It Be" has been postponed; this decision was taken because of the choice to let the promotion of the single go on and intensify.


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