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05 September 2005 - 22:40
Working on 'What If' video. HWIB UK release -7
This September is marked for the Italians by Lene's unexpected absence at the Festivalber's finals (though we stress it was NOT Lene's decision), but it is indeed a busy month for the norwegian artist and her staff anyway. There's work in progress for the launch of Lene's second single "What If", though no release date is set yet. Right now, as told by Lene herself in her blog, the video is being planned.
Lene's agenda is far from empty: next monday, Sept. 12th, the single "How Would It Be" will be out in the UK. According to Amazon, the single will contain 4 tracks: "How Would It Be", "Sitting Down Here", "Blanket in a Park" and "Sorry", plus the "How Would It Be" video. Portal Video-C is taking care of the web presentation of the single, and is dedicating to Lene this special mini-site, where you can also take part for free in a contest with exclusive prizes.

Lene's official website, www.lenemarlin.com, has been plentifully updated too. One of the main new features is the birth of an international network of websites dedicated to Lene, officially approved by herself. All these website are now joining www.lene.it, proud progenitor of the official websites, and www.lene-marlin.no, representing the Norwegian fan-base. The first new entries are www.lenechina.net, www.lene-marlin.nl and www.lenemarlin.nl, the first for China, the other two for Holland. The whole Lene.it staff wishes the best to the new official websites, and suggest that they put all their enthusiasm and a lot of passion in this project, to provide the best service to the fans and the best support to Lene! As for Lene.it, we will guarantee the greatest collaboration!


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