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19 August 2005 - 16:38
The Lene Marlin Italian Fanclub turns 5!
As Zuzzy pointed out in his beautiful essay, the Lene Marlin Italian Fanclub is five years old today.
It's an important goal, first of all for those who believed in the project and carried it out, and also for those who supported it with their passion, their work and participation, their displays of affection for Lene and of friendship to the many fans who have subscribed in these years.
More than 2000 people have subscribed so far, but it was merely 20 after the first day of this webiste, which has been restyled many times since then, providing newer and newer sections, becoming progressivly more functional, graphically more complex, but always maintaining its simplicity and immediateness.
We've had also many forums: from the first one, very simple with only one section in which to talk about everything, where the first friendships relationships were born, some of them still lasting now, to the following ones, with many sections, where many discussions about Lene, the fanclub and other were started.
Then, one fine day we decided to start meeting also in the real life, and so the fanclub became a growing, living reality. Even though for a long initial period the one to whom this fanclub is dedicated wasn't there, lene.it probably found its actual strenght right in this condition, for a strong spirit of friendship and collaboration was moulded among the historical fans, always sustained by the hope for Lene's comeback. And when this happened, in 2003, the success of the website and its official recognition was inevitable.
The meetings with Lene during her promotional visits in Italy were also the first big gatherings with the most active fanclub members, who were already used to crystallize thier memories thanks to the pictures and reports, which have all been collected together in the gigantic Experiences section, a unique and growing wealth of humanity, the strongest testimony of the history of Lene.it.
And now some statistics, because that's the website too, and sometimes numbers tell enough: from 2000 to today we've had nearly 800,000 single accesses to the homepage, from a hundred different countries, networks, commercials and military too. Counting both the italian and the English section, we've pusblished more than 750 news, 130 editorials and dozens of articles and reviews. In the Italian and International forums more than 3000 discussion topics have been posted, that is more than 100,000 messages from at least 500 fans.

So, what's more to say? Happy Birthday to us, hoping for these 5 years to be just the beginning of a much longer way, together with Lene and with all of those who love her music.


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