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17 August 2005 - 00:10
Happy Birthday to our sweet angel!
7 years ago the beautiful voice of our northern star, Lene Marlin, was aired for the first time in the Norwegian sky.
Two days later -in this same day- she was coming of age, and soon she would face the wide world outside her native town Tromsų, never imaging what was awaiting her, through good and bad times.
Now the little, irresistible girl of "Unforgivable Sinner" has grown into a beautiful woman, always talented, sweet and a little reserved as we know her, and that's why we're all so proud of her... :-)

Dear Lene,
in the day of your 25th birthday
we wish you to...
feel fine
like you always do,
smiling and laughing too

while you
walk slow in secret
listening to the sound of steps,
you've got all the time you need
to dream, fulfill your wishes
like this future
already now been entered...


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