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13 July 2005 - 23:01
Lene Marlin's showcase in Amsterdam: the report
Yesterday evening, July 12th, Lene Marlin sang live in a showcase at Odeon, in Amsterdam, Holland. It was an EMI media event to which 7 italian fans and the 12 winners of a contest by lenemarlin.com took part too.
The concert was held in a hall in the hotel, with slightly spread lights and an excellent acoustic set. The performance started at 9 PM: the musicians began to play "Eyes Closed" and Lene entered the stage singing. Excited and a bit nervous, she was standing in front of the audience: the Italians were in the first line, then behind them there were the winners of the lenemarlin.com contest. After "Eyes Closed", she sang "Never To Know". The highest moment was the following song, "It's True", a stunning, awesome performance that moved several people in the audience.The applause after this song was the greatest of the evening. Lene was looking more and more confortable, she thanked that well known audience many times, and then she performed a fast version of "How Would It Be". After that, she introduced ironically "a very very happy song", "When You Were Around", playing herself the guitar, during the most intimate moment in the show. Before the last song, Lene presented her band to the audience, and then she closed with "All I Can Say". At the end of the show, Lene collected long applauses from her fans, thanked everybody, and went in the backstage. According to what everybody has reported, it was the best performance ever by Lene Marlin.
After giving out some interviews to journalists from all Europe who were at the meeting, Lene came back to her fans, making photos and signing autographs, always willing as she is, for half an hour. The last goodbye to the "friends" fans was before she got on the car, when it was time to leave the Odeon, and to get back home.

Thanks Domle, Blasto, and the "magnificent seven" for this report, lots of pictures will be online as soon as possible!


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