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11 July 2005 - 21:56
Nothing serious about Lene. Showcase confirmed
Yesterday we were referring to probable health problems for Lene Marlin, who cancelled her second performance scheduled for yesterday's recordings of Festivalbar.
Today Lene's manager wrote to us, confirming it's about a backache that started last week in Germany; although Lene is resolute and will be performing in Amsterdam tomorrow for the scheduled mini-concert.
Even though she did not recover completely since her trip to Germany, she rehearsed live anyway yesterday afternoon and performed live again in one of the two recordings. She was very probably not ok, although our correspondents from Arezzo didn't notice anything unusual during her performance: Lene looked in a great shape, like the previous times. This is indeed a great credit to her!
Today Lene is arriving in Amsterdam and tomorrow her fans will all be in the front line. Go guys!!

Back to Germany, we found a brief news on Radio N-Joy in Hamburg, where Lene was last tuesday. Nothing really new, just confirming that she sang a live acoustic version of "How Would It Be" and the album "Lost In A Moment" is out in Germany since July 4th. We hope to bring to you images from the other German radio shows as soon as possible.


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