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07 July 2005 - 22:03
Lene interviewed on Radio NDR2
Third report from Lene Marlin's promotional tour in Germany: this one is the interview from the Radio NDR 2 website.

Title of the interview given by Lene to Pamela Welz: I have never longed for becoming a popstar. Lene confirms this point, but in the intro of the article there's a stress on how the number of records sold until today tell that Lene is actually a popstar.
First, the journalist tries to learn if there are songs by Lene which are not about love, since all the lyrics seem to deal someway with that topic. Lene answers that many people think that her lyrics are only about love, but that's not her feeling about it. Although, when she's asked more precise questions like "Can you tell the title of one of your song explicitly about love" or "What is How Would It Be about" Lene withdraws, refusing to reveal anything, confirming that she's convinced that people can make their own connections.
Then Lene is asked what could be in her opinion the reason why her previous album did not have a great success in Germany, like on the contrary in countries like Norway and Italy. Lene says she doesn't know, just the same way she cannot figure out why her first album sold so much. To a more incessant question, Lene explains that she actually does not care what happens and when with her album, because she has never longed for becoming a popstar, she simply loves music. She takes all that happens as a big surprise. She does not plan to conquer a new country or whatever, it's important that people appreciate her music, no matter where this happens.
To the following remark of the journalist, that Lene is popular in many European countries but still there is not so much attention around her, she answers that it's not so good to have too many eyes on you, because you may start feeling the pressure. Artists too much hyped by the media can be likely not to have a long career. The best thing about her was that nobody had any expectation and all that happened was a countinuous surprise for her and her record company. She got a contract from a small local norwegian label, with thirty employees or something. So nobody was planning big projects, and when she broke through and became an international artist everybody was very surprised.
After this, Lene is asked how she spent the time between the first and the second album, what she does in her spare time, what she's going to do this summer: "After Germany, I will be home, then in Italy and Holland, then in Belgium and UK, and then we'll see". The last question is wether she's involved in any kind of charity activity. Lene tells these things are likely to happen sometimes, but when she's asked to cite some names, she replies that she does this kind of things anonymously, without stressing her name on that.

The 15 minutes dedicated to Lene by NDR2 opened with "Unforgivable Sinner", then "My Lucky Day" and "Eyes Closed" were broadcast, beside a live acoustic fast version of "How Would It Be". So until now, Lene.it has collected 4 live performances and 2 interviews from Lene's German promotional tour which closed yesterday.


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