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06 July 2005 - 22:21
Long live "You Weren't There"!!!
In these weeks we are overseeing the chart results from Lene Marlin's new single "How Would It Be" in Italy and Norway, but there is another song by Lene that doesn't want to exit from Hit40's Top100 (the most airplayed songs on Norwegian radios) and of course from the heart of all fans: it's "You Weren't There", Lene's comeback single played first in July 2003, two years ago, the video of which was premiered worldwide in Norway on July 27th.
In Norway the single had been standing for 13 weeks in a row at #1 on Hit40, setting the new absolute record of all times in that country, then it kept staying in the airplay Top100 for long, and still there it is, seldom falling out of it, but it's still loved, and headed to become a real "classic" for the Norwegian radio listeners. Two weeks ago it reached up to 100 weeks of presence in the Hit40's Top200.
Congratulations Lene!!


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