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06 July 2005 - 10:12
Lene in Germany: live performance on Radio Bremen
Yesterday was a particular day for all of us: Lene Marlin was on the italian television, singing on the Festivalbar show recorded in Viterbo, and almost simultaneously we could listen via internet live streaming to some German radio shows where Lene was the main guest. Yesterday in fact, we followed Lene from Bremen to Hamburg, guest in four different radios. We could listen to her live only once, but we know for sure that she's been in other two to be interviewed and to play live.
We can bring to you the content of the show on Radio Bremen 4. Lene's special was broadcast right after 2 PM; she gave out an interview and then she played a live acoustic version of "When You Were Around" and "How Would It Be" (surprisingly fast version). In the interview she talked about her native city Tromsų, the first song she has learned to play at the guitar, then about how the new album was born, her plans for the future, and about coming to Germany in the future for some concerts. Lene answered as we know :-) Last, she was asked to say in Norwegian the telephone number to call to win her album. By clicking here you can dowload and listen to the interview and live performances of "When You Were Around" and "How Would It Be" (MP3, 6MB).
Afterwards, Lene was on Radio Tide, and probably also on Radio N-Joy, both in Hamburg like NDR2, where Lene is likely to have played other two songs live, beside giving out another interview.

We'll let you know more as soon as we can. Meanwhile, we want to thank all the so friendly people in the editorial staffs from the radio networks we have been in contact with, who provided us with all the information needed to follow Lene in these busy days. Today Lene will be guest in other three radios in Germany, but it seems she will just give out interviews.

We take advantage of this, so now we can bring to you a real pearl: a diary from Lene's promotional tour in Germany back in 1999, written by Lene herself! It's a bit 'old', but it's still so topical! In that time Lene was touring right on German radios in July, and it was all so hurry, as usual! We thank very much Grendeel for giving us this article (taken from Norwegian magazine 'Topp', August 1999), which you can read fully by clicking here (English) or here (original Norwegian version).


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