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27 June 2005 - 23:50
Lene in Rome. The 3-pages interview by VG
VG, the most important Norwegian newspaper, has dedicated a three-pages special to Lene Marlin's last visit to Italy, when she was in Viterbo at Festivalbar, and then in Rome. Lene talks about the past, about how it feels to be in Italy, and how she handles now her life and career. Here are some extracts from the full article, that you can find in our Press Review section.

Lene: "I need a bit of energy for going on stage. And to have that, I must combine music with a life outside of it. Music is very important, but it is not the whole life. I don't want it to take over my life. This it did before."
The following day, she is playing four songs live at a record store at Via del Corso, just by the spanish steps and Fontana di Trevi. The atmosphere is ecstatic. Boys and girls screaming and yelling.
"You get so much energy from this that you just don't know!" says Lene. She can't manage to stand still.
About a possible USA release of her new album: "USA wants to, but I don't. It's a different thing going into the American market. You have to go for it over there for seven-eight months consecutively. I have never had any greater need for that. I have lost the joy in this once before, and I will not let it happen again. If the most important thing to me was to sell one million records, I would have been on the first plane to the USA. However, I want to have a good time and be enjoying it."
- Do you want to become an even greater international pop star? "That depends on in regards to what. What I'm doing now, is giving an incredible lot of spontanous joy. I'm sort of doing some interviews here and is playing a bit there, and is feeling that this I could do for a very long time. I'm having it very enjoyable in a relaxed way".


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