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17 June 2005 - 22:03
Autumn tour? Mini-concert in Oslo yesterday
In the Swiss interview some days ago, Lene expressed again a desire, almost a will this time, that this year there could be e real tournée, which anyway would not be before the end of the summer, because in the next months Lene wil have to continue promoting her album, so she won't have time enough to rehearse with the band. This is someway confirmed also considering that the cancelled 2004 tour was never really planned, and they decided to wait for a new album (which is out now!)
In the interview, Lene lingers again on her "fantastic Italian fanclub" :-) pointing out it's everywhere she goes, and she mostly wonders again why she, why she's so popular over here. Of course, this question could be spread to all the fans from the whole world, and we feel that everybody has his own answer to this question.

Talking about live performances, yesterday at 4:30 PM Lene performed live for the second time at Oslo City, singing four songs to present her new album: "Eyes Closed", "Never To Know", "How Would It Be", "When You Were Around". She rehearsed with the band before the live session, then she sang live, playing herself the guitar on the last song.
As always Lene appeared happy and smiling, pointed out how much she's satisfied with her new album, and signed autographs after the mini-concert.
We want to thank our friends at lene-marlin.no, especially Tef, for these news and the photos, which are making all of us look forward to next monday, when Lene will sing in Rome in another free mini-concert.


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