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16 June 2005 - 22:01
Great success for Lene's showcase in Oslo
Today Lene has performed live in front of a crowded audience during a showcase concert in the trade-centre "Oslo City", in the capital of Norway.
The mini-concert began at 4:30 PM. Lene and her band (guitarist Stray and other three musicians) performed four songs, all from the new album "Lost In A Moment": Lene sang "Eyes Closed", "Never To Know", "How Would It Be", and "When You Were Around", playing also the guitar herself on the last one. After the live session, Lene signed autographs to the people who filled up the whole "Platekompaniet" store, where the event took place.
Lene.it thanks their friends at lene-marlin.no, for pointing up the news, and reminds that on their website you can see some of the pictures from the event.
Lene's next showcase will be in Rome next Monday, though we don't know yet which songs she's going to sing.


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