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11 June 2005 - 21:44
The delivering of the plaque to Lene
Yesterday afternoon, at the end of the appointments scheduled for the two days that Lene has spent in Italy, the fanclub conferred to her a plaque, in the name of the affection and the esteem that all the Italian fans feel for her. Here are the photos, taken by our Blasto, that testify its delivery. Lene was left absolutely astounded, and then she expressed her happiness for receiving this gift from her fanclub.

We take advantage of this occasion to thank some people from the last two days: Thanks to all the girls and boys, everytime more numerous, who were in Milan and Genova: thank you guys for your great support and enthusiasm. Thanks to Alistair for his delightful willingness and friendship, which is getting stronger meeting after meeting. Thanks to Cristiano and our friends at Virgin Italy for letting us follow these three appointments in the best conditions. And obviously, thanks so much indeed to Lene for her immense gentleness and patience, for giving out smiles and a tremendous number of autographs and photographs, and for supporting personally her fanclub's activities. It's been two very important days, a prelude to the next appointments, June 19th and most of all 20th, when there is in view the greatest fanclub gathering of all times!


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