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11 June 2005 - 01:41
The Lene Marlin Italian Fan Club on TRL !!!
Yesterday one of the greatest gathering in the history of this fanclub took place in Genova.
On MTV TRL, after singing "How Would It Be" before the rejoicing from the audience, some of our most active members who were among the screamers went on stage. Marcycampa was the first, she brought on stage the best banner from the fans, picked by Lene herself, which said: "How would it be if you weren't there?". The idea was by our Koletz, and it encloses most of Lene's recent musical history and expresses in a simple and effective way our affection for her. After Marcy it was all-Norwegian-dressed Franko's turn (see last capture),who had also a brief chat with Lene... in Norwegian :-)
Last, Lene herself introduced the video "You Weren't There", and then she went down the stage to sign autographs to everybody.
After the show, there was a brief meeting between Lene and the fanclub's fans, during which we conferred to her, as sign of the old friendship between us, a plaque we hope to show you as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are some captures from the TRL show (the whole video will be available soon)

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