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08 June 2005 - 17:52
Lene debuts at #16 in the Italian single chart
Worse than we hoped, remembering the exploit of "You Weren't There". Better than we were expecting after receiving last saturday rumours about Lene being at #24.
It' the third hihest new entry, after Shakira (#3) and Backstreet Boys (#8). This is a good result, especially if we take into account, as we have already pointed out, that Lene's new single has started being broadcast more seriously only in the very recent days, both on radios and MTV: on the TRL Italy chart she is at #10.
Most of all, in the following two weeks Lene will be in four Italian cities to meet the fans and the audience, and to record several musical TV programmes, that should guarantee to her even more visibility at a national level.

Good luck Lene! And a big thankyou to all of those who have bought the single, especially to our members.
Now let's take her higher and higher!!

#16   01 - Single chart
#10  - TRL Italy
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