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02 June 2005 - 23:55
Lene reveals why a third album so soon
First of all, let us point out some recent news about the single "How Would It Be": after Norway, Sweden also puts off its release, now scheduled to be out on June 13th in both countries.
At the moment, the single seems to be out only in Italy, but two days ago there was some hustle online, both on the Virgin France website, because of the reasons we have told about, and on Lene's official website, which is adding every day a couple of minutes from the new tracks.

Two days ago, May 31st, was a busy day for Lene, who gave several interviews on the main Norwegian newspapers.
What's surprising is the revelation of the innnermost reason why Lene chose to release an album so soon. Probably, as reported in last month's interviews, she already had good ideas in her mind, which turned out to be a complete project when she started working together with StarGate team in Trondheim. But the real propelling force, what made her decide to release an album already this year, was the death of a girl friend, an employee at EMI.
This event was a tought-provoker for Lene, who, having so much new material and an inspiration source, thought wisely it would be better not to put off what could be done right then. That's why she has been working quickly, secretly, and now she's so satisfied for having three albums released before turning 25. Because, we could imagine, it's like she has completed another part of herself, has carried out a need she was feeling, that is communicating her music to those who love it.
So, we could say that Lene came back with "Another Day" (After a break she needed to handle personal problems) also because someone asked of her on the radio, and now she has sped up the recordings for "Lost In A Moment" because she felt that less than ever she could live only for herself now. Despite this, she did not release her new album because of anybody's expectations, but only because she felt she had to do it.

Lene also reveals that she will not be promoting the album in the USA, even though they're interested, for the project involves already 17 countries, USA would need 7-8 months of promotion and she has never done anytihng for the money's sake, so she "does not need the USA to be happy".

Lene finally reveals that she writes much more lyrics than musics, so that she sometimes finds old notebooks with lyrics she has even forgotten she had written, whilethere are still many unreleased songs from the "Another Day" period. Anyway, right because she likes so much writing lyrics, she tells she will surely continue doing it even after she will be writing songs no more. Then she confides, as she has already done in the past, that there are also some songs she writes only for herself, which nobody will ever know about.


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