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31 May 2005 - 18:17
Waiting for "Lost In A Moment": audio clips online
The waiting for Lene's third album is rising. A couple of weeks are left to the official release in stores, and it's already possible to listen to brief online clips from the 11 songs of the album. The new Virgin France online megastore, Virgin Mega.fr, offers in fact a brief prelistening of all of the songs, and lets only the French users buy the album in digital format.
On Swiss website Cede it's possible to listen to a clip from "My Lucky Day". Finally, here are the durations of all the songs in the album:

1. My Lucky Day 3:45
2. All I Can Say 4:37
3. How Would It Be 3:59
4. Hope You're Happy 4:19
5. What If 3:53
6. Leave My Mind 4:28
7. When You Were Around 3:54
8. Never To Know 4:06
9. Eyes Closed 3:43
10. It's True 4:02
11. Wish I Could 4:28

Norwegian fans will unfortunately have to wait until June 13th to buy the single, the release date of which has been postponed to the same day when the album will be out.


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